Universus My Hero Academia Product Overview

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  • Over the course of 2022, UniVersus has grown from a niche cult-classic card game to an international “smash” hit! Our community has grown immensely over the past few months, so with the release of League of Villains we’ve built a guide for new players to know which products are right for them.

    My Hero Academia Base Set

    The set that started it all! In “My Hero Academia Base Set”, we introduced many of the classic fan favorites from Class 1-A, including the teachers “All Might” and “Eraser Head”, as well as the students “Izuku Midoriya”, “Katsuki Bakugo”, “Shoto Todoroki”, “Tenya Iida”, “Ochaco Uraraka” and more, as well as the nefarious villains “Tomura Shigaraki” and his loyal “Nomu”!

    Many of the characters and cards from this set have gone on to see significant competitive play, including “Specialized Sound Waves”, “Staff Strike”, “Meteor Shower”, “Frigid Heatwave”, “Hardened Jab” and more!

    My Hero Academia Crimson Rampage

    In “My Hero Academia Crimson Rampage”, the set is mainly defined by the first appearance of multiple fan favorite villains such as “Stain”, “Dabi” and “Himiko Toga”, as well as first appearances from fellow Heroes such as “Mei Hatsume” and “Gran Torino”.

    “Excited for Blood”, “Back-Alley Haymaker”, “Howitzer Impact Cyclone” and “Faith’s Shield” are amongst the variety of powerful tools introduced in Crimson Rampage. Many of the powerful cards in Crimson Rampage are very strong for defensively minded decks that want to “take games long”, such as “Faith’s Shield” and “Cheerful Uppercut”.

    My Hero Academia Heroes Clash

    “My Hero Academia Heroes Clash” is a set defined by the support that it gives to existing strategies, as well as a new Rarity — the “Chrome Rare!” Chrome Rares have their own special foiling process, and are each numbered out of 100.

    Heroes Clash introduces the Class 1-A student “Koji Koda” as well as the Pro Hero “Thirteen”, as well as new versions of many fan-favorite characters such as Toru Hagakure, Tomura Shigaraki and Stain!

    “Stun Grenade”, “Twisting Azure Inferno”, “Somnambulism”, “Focused Attack”, “Blood Moon Rending”, and “One With Nature” round out some of the many cards from this set that see regular competitive play.

    My Hero Academia League of Villains

    “My Hero Academia League of Villains” releases very soon, on March 3, 2023! League of Villains puts the villains center stage, featuring first appearances from “One For All”, “Twice”, “Spinner”, “Muscular”, and “Moonfish”, as well as return appearances from other fan-favorite villains like “Tomura Shigaraki”, “Dabi” and “Himiko Toga”.

    League of Villains features the new attack keyword, “Echo”! Attacks with Echo can pay one momentum to “Echo” the attack, playing it twice! This mechanic on cards like “Resolute Rushdown” and “Dignified Display” pressure your opponent by forcing them to dedicate multiple blocks to a single attack.

    “Hold Hostage” and “United States of Smash” are early contenders for hype, as well as “Vile Seizing” and “Dual Needle Lunge”.

    We are very excited to see what decks the community tries out with the addition of the League of Villains card pool to Universus. Show off your League of Villains decks on social media with the hashtag #myvillaindeck!