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  • Good day to all you UniVersus fans out there!

    Tim Frie, Undaunted Raid lead designer, here again! We’ve already kicked off previews for the set, and that’s super exciting. I love writing these teasers, so I wanted to make sure to get this out ASAP. This story arc is one of the most beloved of the entire show, so we wanted to get it right. There will be more design articles to come during preview season, and those will shed light on the development process and some of the ways we approached themes and cohesive mechanics in the set, but I’ll leave that for later. For now, let’s just get on with the juicy tidbits you all came here for. I present to you some really cool things that will be featured in Undaunted Raid. 

    Things you can expect to see in Undaunted Raid:

    • The Shie Hassaikai.
    • 3 NEW Pro Heroes.
    • Some new tools for Mill strategy.
    • A new playstyle “theme.”
    • A transforming character.
    • Remember “3 damage matters”?
    • 2 new versions of characters with a hand size they have not previously had.
    • An asset with a response limited to 3 characters.
    • 2 cards with unconventional layouts.

    Some Game Text on cards in Undaunted Raid:

    Enhance Flip: If you have 3 or fewer ready foundations, this attack gets -3 speed.

    Response: After you take damage from an unblocked attack, add 1 “Manly Spirit” counter to this card.

    [EVIL] Enhance: Change the zone of this attack. If this attack deals damage, seal your rival’s character.

    Response [Once per turn] Discard the top 3 cards of your deck: After an attack is played, you may play 1 non-attack Ally card from your discard pile as your next card this turn.

    Enhance Flip 1 foundation: This attack gets +2 speed. Change this attack’s zone to [low].

    When committing cards to pass a check, you may commit 1 asset as if it were a foundation.

    Response [Once per turn]: After your rival makes a re-check, that check gets -1.

    Enhance: If your rival has 1 or more sealed foundations, change this attack’s zone.

    [CHARACTER] Enhance Commit your character: Discard the top 6 cards of your rival’s deck.

    Form: For the rest of this turn your attacks get +2 damage.

    Deadlock Enhance Flip: Name a card. Your rival cannot block this attack with the named card.

    Some Keyword Combinations:

    Slam • Weapon

    Ranged • Weapon • Combo (Face Down)

    Flash • Fury • Punch

    EX: 3 • Punch • Powerful: 3 • Ranged

    Kick • Powerful: 3 • Slam

    Breaker: 2Terrain

    I hope you enjoyed this sneak peek of what’s to come with Undaunted Raid! What else do you think might come out with this set? Be sure to comment your thoughts, and get ready for a fun preview season!