Undaunted Raid Clash Deck Introduction

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  • Prepare for battle with two new Clash Decks featuring fan-favorites Mirio Togata and Overhaul! (We have been revealing the cards on our social channels.)

    Each deck contains 51 cards (50 cards + 1 character card) focused on the abilities that make each character unique!

    Overhaul bides his time, storing attacks to unleash a powerful assault later on, while Mirio Togata leverages his unpredictability to leave rivals guessing how Mirio will attack.

    These decks are ready to play right out of the box, making them perfect for new players! Expand their strategies with cards from all MHACCG sets, especially Undaunted Raid!

    The cards in these decks are exclusive and not found in Undaunted Raid booster packs.

    Mirio Togata

    Mirio Togata is a Punch and Slam focused Character with two very powerful Enhance abilities, focused on aggression and taking opponents down early!

    His first Enhance lets him buff a Punch or Slam attack and then change its attack zone! Combine this with effects that let you see your opponent’s hand like Deku’s Notebook or Hold Hostage to slip through your Rival’s defenses and bring them down!

    His second Enhance lets him Commit and discard 1 momentum to reduce an attack to 0 damage! You don’t have to fear “combo decks” focused on sending one giant, unblockable attack — and you’re going to give a lot more damage than you get!

    Schoolyard Smackdown naturally synergizes with Mirio’s love of switching zones, and provides a clean way to clear another attack out of your card pool while still putting the pressure on.


    Overhaul‘s focus is on taking games long, and leveraging his powerful abilities to get extra resources to out-value his Rival.

    As a First Enhance, Overhaul starts every turn by building a card from your hand face-down. You can use this to place good targets for his other Enhance in your face-down Foundations!

    Next, Overhaul’s Response lets him Flip a foundation to give your attack +2 damage and gain you 1 health if it deals damage. This ability is very strong as it lets you choose after you know if your opponent is blocking or not!

    Lastly, the second Enhance pulls everything together! Once per turn, you may play 1 face down card from your stage as your next card, ignoring progressive difficulty! While you have to discard a card to do so on your rival’s turn, this ability lets you always have the right tool for the job out of your facedown Foundations – whether attacking or blocking!

    Monstrous Fusion is Overhaul’s most threatening attack in the Rival Deck! Stuffing a copy of Monstrous Fusion into your facedown foundations with Overhaul to use at a later turn feels great, because if you do you can use the first Enhance to gain Powerful: 3!

    Lastly, you can remove the top 3 cards from your discard pile to give your attack +3 speed. Overhaul can send huge attacks like this every turn, as long as he’s got the time to get set up.

    You Can Be A Hero with My Hero Academia: Undaunted Raid! Find Undaunted Raid and the new Rival Decks at your Local Game Store on June 30, 2023! Find a store near you here: https://play.mhacardgame.com/store-finder

    Undaunted Raid Card Reveal Season!

    We’re opening up the full Undaunted Raid Card Reveal Season with collaborating with our community! Over the next few weeks, selected content creators in our community will be revealing the contents of Undaunted Raid! A few have already started, so keep a close eye out on our social, too.

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