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  • Greetings, Heroes!

    Welcome to My Hero Academia CCG! The My Hero Academia Collectible Card game allows you to fight as your favorite hero or villain from the My Hero Academia universe.

    My Hero Academia CCG is part of the legendary UniVersus Game System. This game system allows players to use cards from different IPs within the same game. With over 15 years of history, there are plenty of IPs to play with!

    Learn How to Play

    New to the game? Not to worry, here are some tools to help you learn My Hero Academia CCG:

    What is UniVersus Gaming Network and Why Should I Use It?

    The UniVersus Gaming Network is a social platform for players and organizations who love playing My Hero Academia CCG.

    UGN is home to hundreds of stores that host events for My Hero Academia CCG, both in-person and online. UGN is the ultimate tool for players to find or expand their MHA play group, and get rewarded for play.

    Find a Place to Play on UGN

    Find other heroes or villains on the UniVersus Gaming Network. Play in person at your local game store or join the action online in one of our convenient online tournaments. With hundreds of events to choose from each week, players at any skill level can become the ultimate hero!

    Get Rewarded for Play

    We love our players. Get rewarded for any play recorded on the UniVersus Gaming Network, including casual games at home.

    Players receive the following exclusive cards for playing in store AND rack up loyalty points, which can be redeemed for even more exclusive promo cards.

    Find Your Community

    Find your community of My Hero Academia CCG players in our online networks. We have tens of thousands of players waiting for you.

    You can also find our Jasco Games support team in our Discord. You can always reach out with questions or feedback.