UGN: Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Q1. Help! I’m new to the MHACCG organized play scene. What can I do to get started?

    A1. First, make sure you’ve created an account within the UniVersus Game Network. Second, contact our LGS Outreach Team by email at or by phone at 702-900-9042. They’ll make sure you have everything your store needs to start hosting events!

    Q2. My store has been hosting lots of successful events, and I think we’re ready to start hosting Specialty Events. How do we become eligible to host?

    A2. The Jasco Games Organized Play and LGS Outreach teams keep close tabs on the health of every UniVersus community. As the first tier of Specialty Events, Provisional Store Championships require that your store be within the top 50 most active UGN communities. For information on how to register to earn your spot, visit the Provisional Store Championships section. Other higher-tiered events, such as regionals, can be hosted by the community’s most outstanding contributors, and are awarded by Jasco Games.

    Q3. We’re having some issues with the UniVersus Game Network that we can’t seem to resolve. Who can we contact for help?

    A3. The UGN is a new and constantly evolving tool — bugs and interface issues are bound to occur! All issues and suggestions should be communicated to