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  • Greetings, Villains!

    Set 4: League of Villains Pre-Release event is coming to a local game store near you!

    Pre-Release Dates: February 24 – March 3, 2023

    My Hero Academia Collectible Card Game: League of Villains launches on March 3rd, 2023.

    The Pre-Release event allows you early access!

    This Set introduces a slew of dastardly evildoers from the anime, with 8 new playable character cards including fan-favorites like Toga and Shigaraki.

    Why join a Pre-Release event?

    Pre-release events are fun and great for new players, so bring a friend.

    You will get a special Pre-Release paper playmat to take home. It has zones to help you assist your play.

    These events are super casual since the focus is not the competition but a way to check out the new cards. Of course, some of the competitive players will be there, but they are also there for the fun to check out the latest cards.

    And everyone gets a promo card.

    This time it’s Mr. Compress! So make sure to join the event!

    Set 4 Pre-Release Promo Card

    Where can I join a Pre-Release event?

    At your local game store, of course!

    Look for a Pre-Release event near you:

    If you can’t find an event and your LGS would like to host a Pre-Release evet, have them email us at and we can get them set up!

    UGN: New Organization Guide

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  • Greetings, Heroes!

    Welcome to My Hero Academia CCG! The My Hero Academia Collectible Card game allows you to fight as your favorite hero or villain from the My Hero Academia universe.

    My Hero Academia CCG is part of the legendary UniVersus Game System. This game system allows players to use cards from different IPs within the same game. With over 15 years of history, there are plenty of IPs to play with!

    New to the game? Not to worry, here are some tools to help you learn My Hero Academia CCG:

    Learn How to Play

    What is UniVersus Gaming Network and Why Should I Use It?

    The UniVersus Gaming Network is a social platform for players and organizations who love playing My Hero Academia CCG. UGN is home to thousands of players who play My Hero Academia CCG, both in-person and online. Hosting your events on UGN will provide players, both new and returning, with a home base to play My Hero Academia CCG.

    LGS partners who host events through our UGN Network will receive training, prize support and on-call assistance from our team – all 100% free. UGN stores are recognized as premier locations for MHA CCG organized play events and have access to the following benefits:

    • Exclusive Products – Get Jasco Games products exclusive to UGN stores, such as Prerelease Promo Cards and Plus Ultra Tournament Kits. Eligibility for these products is based on the size and health of your UniVersus community.
    • Specialty Events – UGN stores with high levels of engagement can be given the opportunity to host unique Specialty Events such as Provisional Store Championships.
    • Exclusive Marketing Materials – UGN stores are given exclusive access to digital and physical marketing materials such as banners, posters, sign-up sheets and more!
    • Store and Event Locator Tools – Advertise your store through the UGN app to allow interested players to sign up for your events.

    How Can I Register My Organization on UGN?

    1. Create an account on UniVersus Gaming Network.
    2. Navigate to the Organizations dropdown and click Create Organization.
    3. Follow the prompts to fill out your application.
    4. Once submitted, a Jasco Games team member will review your application. Once approved, you will be free to host events at your organization.

    How Do I Create an Event?

    1. In the center of the home page click “Create Event”.
    2. Follow the prompts to create your event.
    3. At the time of your event, follow all prompts to navigate through gameplay.
    4. At the end of your event, remember to formally “end” the event within the system so your players can earn loyalty points!

    How Can I Grant Another User Access to My Organization to Run or Host Events on my Behalf?

    1. Navigate to the Organizations dropdown and click on Managed Organizations.
    2. Click on the organization you wish to grant another user access to.
    3. Click on the Users tab, and click Add User.
    4. Add the email address of the user you want to add (note: this user must already have an account on UGN) and toggle the permissions you wish to grant that person.
    5. Once you hit save, the designated user will see your store by clicking on Managed Organizations when they’re logged in on their account. All events for your organization will automatically appear in their account under Managed Events as they are created.
    6. To remove a user from accessing your organization, toggle all settings off.

    Note: this is the best way to add someone who is regularly creating, hosting or monitoring events, such as a store employee. These users do not have information to your store’s bank information.

    How Can I Grant Another User Access to An Event I Created?

    1. Navigate to the Organizations dropdown and click on Managed Events.
    2. Click on the event you want to grant a user access to.
    3. Under Event Settings click on Event Users.
    4. Add the email address of the user you want to add (note: this user must already have an account on UGN) and select the role you want to provide that user.
    5. Once you hit save, the designated user will see your event by navigating to Managed Events when logged in on their account.

    Note: this is the best way to add a user to an event on a one-time basis. This user will not have access to your store’s bank information.


    Some organizations like to incentivize players to sign up for an event early by offering a discount on tickets. The best way to do this is editing the cost of the ticket within the event details on the day you want price changes to take effect.

    Example: the price of your event on February 1st is $30, but you offer a $10 discount to those who sign up by January 28th. If you create your event on January 20th, set your ticket price to $20. On January 28th, log back into the event and update the cost of the ticket to $30. Once you make this change, only new sign ups will have to pay $30 for registering; the existing players will not be prompted to pay a difference. Likewise, refunds to players will be granted based on the price paid to register.

    Join The Community

    Connect with other retailers, players and the Jasco Games Team in our online community, which supports tens of thousands of players across multiple platforms. Use these platforms to chat all things MHA CCG or reach out to a Jasco Team member for support!

    Additional Resources

    Our local game store partners are the heart and soul of our community, and we’re committed to supporting them at every step of the way. If you need additional support, feel free to reach out to us at: or 702-900-9042.