Symbol Strengths

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  • It can certainly be overwhelming to see 3 different symbols on every card in the My Hero Academia CCG, so today we’re going to clear up the differences between them by helping you identify the strengths of each symbol. Since you have to select one symbol when you construct your deck, you are going to need to know which symbols provide what you are looking for for your dream build!

    Air excels at getting cards out of its card pool through any means, and readying their own foundations. These abilities can provide some of the clearest benefits to your attacking turns, and can lead to some very aggressive decks.

    All’s specialty is efficient card draw, and manipulating your own deck to set up ideal checks or draws. This doesn’t mean that other symbols are devoid of draw, but it does mean that the All symbol does tend to draw cards slightly easier than the others.

    Chaos is the symbol for you if you want to earn piles of momentum, or wish to use boosts to control checks to help you get through your attack string!

    Death is the choice for people who want to be destroying their rival’s foundations, or burning their health down with effects. Death can be a much slower symbol than most, but it brings its rival down to its speed!

    Earth is generally the go-to symbol for the strongest of competitors. Choosing Earth gives you access to hefty damage reduction & damage pump, as well as the ability to flip lots of foundations in your rival’s stage!

    Evil tends to skew towards the control side of the game, or it can also burn down your own health in an attempt to end the game quicker! Keep an eye out for the kinds of abilities that force your rival in to a lose/lose decision.

    Fire is one of the most clearly aggressive symbols, with its cards usually including lots of speed or damage pump. Fire also enjoys having a large discard pile, and will reward you for keeping your discard pile intact!

    Good decks tend to build up their Stage faster than most, and can usually build quite the wall to break through.

    Life is around the middle in terms of gameplay speed, as it can be built to defend with abilities around keeping you alive, or Life can be used aggressively to fight against progressive difficulty and attack more than you have any right to!

    Order is an excellent choice for players who wish to keep your rival locked out of options. The Stun ability is very prevalent on the Order symbol, and it will also provide you with ways to even target commit some foundations you may be having trouble with!

    Void is a symbol that control players should pay attention to! Void features abilities that discard cards from their rival’s hand, and ways to interact with your rival’s abilities!

    Water is the symbol for card recursion, efficient speed reduction, and clogging your rival’s card pool. This is a great symbol for players who love card combinations to explore!

    Since every card has three symbols, that means that not necessarily every card in a character’s kit is going to be focused around one of their symbol’s strengths, but you can also see that several cards have their symbols’ identities flowing in and through their abilities. Unwavering Slash is a card that clearly uses all 3 of its symbols virtually independently of each other, whereas Recipro Burst fuses the strengths of Order and Fire in to one card. This provides both symbols a card that can be an excellent win condition and still have great synergy!

    This is only the first set of the My Hero Academia CCG, and we are looking to expand on the strengths and further diversify the symbols as we move forward, so look forward to an exciting game as we grow!