Sealed Play Primer

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  • Unlike Constructed games where you bring your own prepared deck – Sealed Play is all about building an entire deck out of just six booster packs. These events are perfect for building your collection, as well as an excellent onramp for newer players – it’s a great way to learn to play with friends!

    Sealed Play events start with getting everyone together and providing each player six booster packs. If the Sealed event has a promo card associated with it (like with a Pre-Release), any entry promotional card can be part of your Sealed Deck as long as there were enough promos for each player in the event.

    Resource Symbols are ignored for deck construction in Sealed Play – you can play with any of the cards you opened with any character, leading to sweet interactions you’ll never see in Constructed!

    Lastly, you can play with as many copies of any card you open as you’d like – if you pull five of the same card, you can play all five!

    Some quick tips for building a good Sealed deck:

    • In a 40 card sealed deck, you’ll want to play about 24 foundations and 16 attacks for consistency
    • Look for cards that work well together – if you opened a lot of punches for example, look into any foundations you opened that lean toward punches to make your deck as strong as possible
    • Sorting your pulls by difficulty and card type helps analyze what cards you should build your strategy around – don’t play too many 5+ difficulty attacks!
    • As a rule of thumb, start out by reading your Rares and Characters so that you have an idea of your most powerful cards
    • Low difficulty foundations are stronger than they look – don’t underestimate them!
    • For the full MHACCG rulebook, click [here]

    Why Play Sealed?

    Sealed events are a great way for new players to experience the MHA CCG before investing and creating their own decks, but it’s not just that –

    • Alternate deck building rules allow players to experiment in never-before-seen ways to create some exciting combos. You never know what to expect!
    • Super-low barrier to entry is very new player friendly – bring a friend! 
    • Earn the latest Extra Credit promo cards by participating in Sealed events at your local game store!

    Where can I play sealed?

    At your local game store, of course!

    Sealed Play kits are rolling out to hundreds of LGS over the next couple weeks, and you’ll be able to find the nearest Sealed event for you on UGN:

    If your LGS would like to host Sealed Play events, have them email us at and we can get them set up!