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  • How do I run my Store Provisional Championship?

    Once you’re approved to run a PSC, follow the instructions in the PDF below.

    How do I run a Pre-Release event?

    Pre-Release events are the best opportunity to grow your local community! Once you’re an official Universus Gaming Network retailer, you can order Pre-Release Event kits from your preferred distributor.

    The links below lead to a guide on how Sealed Play works in UniVersus, as well as assets for social media promotion of your event.

    How do I get involved with UniVersus as a retailer?

    We have an organized play and retailer support program called the UGN (Universus Gaming Network).  This program allows stores to run official tournaments, receive free promotional materials and gives players the opportunity to earn participation points for playing in those official events.

    Stores can sign up for free for this program through our website The process for signing up is very straightforward, but if a stores has any issues signing up they should reach out to us at

    How do I start a Universus Community?

    The first thing that you should do is reach out to our LGS team at We can provide learn-to-play demo support such as Demo Decks, Learn-to-play Playmats, as well as give visibility to your store through the UGN app.

    UniVersus has a very active community on Discord as well that we actively encourage retailers to advertise their events in:

    This Learn to Play video is also very helpful for introducing players to the game:

    Our Rulebook can be found here: MHACCG Rule Book

    UGN Benefits for Players

    UniVersus’s Organized Play framework is designed to be a powerful call to action for players to attend your LGS. By playing at UGN-sanctioned UniVersus events you receive Loyalty Points usable on our Loyalty Shop to earn exclusive promos – and we will ship it to you for free!

    Playing at your LGS also earns you exclusive Plus Ultra packs which contain exclusive foil promo cards!

    UGN Benefits for Retailers

    Being part of the UGN gives you access to free promotional support from Jasco Games as well as access to our programs like Prerelease and Provisional Store Championships, and also support for weekly in-store play via our Sealed Play and Plus Ultra Kits.

    Scheduling your events in advance on UGN allows Jasco to market those events to local players and will help your community grow faster.

    What event support can I order as a retailer?

    Pre-Release – Pre-Release events are sealed play events exclusively available at Local Game Stores designed to give players a small taste of the newest upcoming set, as well as an exclusive Foil Promo you can’t get anywhere else! You can find more details here:
    Pre-Release kits are available through your preferred distributor.

    Plus Ultra Kits – Jasco Games sends Plus Ultra Kits every month to retailers who host organized play events. Base level allocation is based off your UGN attendance, with additional kits provided for flagship events like Pre-Release events and Provisional Store Championships.

    Plus Ultra Kits are designed to support local-level weekly events and provide a consistent Call to Action to fill your store’s seats, by providing mechanically unique cards that are initially only obtainable through local event play. You can find out more details here:

    For new stores who would like to kickstart their community, please reach out to our LGS team at and they can get you set up.

    Sealed Play Kit – Jasco Games provides exclusive Sealed play promo kits to support LGS events focused on “Sealed Play”. You can find more details here:

    Sealed Play kits are ordered through this form: Sealed Play Application Form

    Provisional Store Championship – “PSC” events are your store’s flagship competitive tournament for each season. PSC events provide exclusive foil cards, as well as being the main mechanism through which players can earn their invite to Nationals. Find out more information, including how to apply to an event HERE!

    We’re excited that you want to grow a Universus community in your store, and we would love to help you.  Please reach out to with any questions, feedback or if you need any assistance.  Thanks!