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  • Greetings Heroes,

    Today, we are announcing the next series of events in the 2022 OP schedule Regional License Exams!

    Regional License Exam (RLE)

    • The competition will really heat up at RLE events where players compete to earn serious prizes and points that will accumulate throughout the season of Organized Play
    • These tournaments will be hosted both online on the MHA Discord server and in-person (regulation permitting)
    • Participation prizes includes special promo packs, regular card packs and winner prizing will include additional prizes and further qualifications for future events on top of regular prizing
    • Winners of Provisional Showdown events will receive free entry to the tournament as well as a first round BYE

    As you prepare for your Regional Exams, train your skills and win prizes in our Wednesday Webcam Weeklies starting in the New Year. Find our more about the Webcam Weeklies on our event page: 

    Find out more about the Webcam Weeklies on our event page:

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