Power Combo: Momo Yaoyorozu & Kyoka Jiro

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  • Kyoka Jiro and Momo Yaoyorozu perform a dazzling duet in the My Hero Academia CCG! Collect these young heroines’ cards in the Series 1 booster packs.

    “Can you turn it down a notch? Right now, we need to worry about getting away from these enemies!” – Kyoka Jiro and Momo Yaoyorozu

    These two ladies have a harmonious relationship in Class 1A, working together as students, friends, and as heroes! Becoming fast friends right from the start, with Momo leading study groups with Jiro and the other Class 1A freshmen, and Jiro coming to the aid of Momo and the other girls when Mineta gets too handsy. 

    Momo and Jiro’s friendship is apparent even in the world of the My Hero Academia CCG! Jiro and Momo both utilize Weapons and Assets, albeit in different ways. Sharing two symbols, their kits work in perfect symphony with each other, complementing each others’ abilities just as much as their own. 

    Create: Capturing Net and Unwavering Slash have both Charge and Weapon keyword traits, giving Jiro the opportunity to respond with both of her offensive abilities, and also allowing Momo to interact with them with all of her cards. Create: Capturing Net naturally plays after a foundation that you’d like to build off its own enhance and activate its combo ability, saving valuable Momo activations for later. Meanwhile, Unwavering Slash can build any asset card from your discard pile, ready a card, and draw a card— and both characters have an asset in their kit that they’d love to have in their stage.

    Jiro and Momo are definitely Destined For Mainstream Success, and while Jiro certainly uses the card well because of her scouting mechanic, any good player should know the construction of their deck to maximise the odds of naming the right card type. When the dynamic duo are Preparing For Battle, they try their best to complement each other’s fortes—and this card reverberates echoes of Jiro’s own 1 difficulty foundation. 

    Whether you play Momo, creating opportunities against your rival, or as Jiro, planning ahead and executing a stellar riff, you’ll find their cards work in consonance with each other, reflecting the special friendship these two characters have.

    You can find Momo, Jiro, and many other heroes and villains in the My Hero Academia CCG, available now!