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  • Greetings, Villains! In this article we will be discussing each of the new Plus Ultra Promo cards, only obtainable at your Local Game Store with the release of League of Villains!

    Magne is an interesting character — having two different Enhance effects which both modify attack stats lets Magne make profitable trades, but only if you’re able to reliably trigger both effects! Cards like Basic Training let you nudge attacks in the right direction to be able to make your attacks stronger or your Rival’s attacks weaker!

    Lastly, Magne’s response follows up on wanting to slug it out blow for blow — every time you block an attack, you can commit a foundation to keep your opponent’s cards in their card pool moving into your turn. By forcing your opponent to start your turn with cards in their card pool, you can drown your Rival in progressive difficulty and take them down!

    I AM HERE! is an incredible addition to any deck trying to swing for the fences! The First Form lets you look at the top 3 cards of your deck to find an attack and send it with +3 Speed. If you miss on finding an attack, I AM HERE! will build a card for free — face-up or face-down!

    Lastly, the Enhance lets you commit a foundation to give a huge damage pump to your attack! The damage pump is at its best on characters who have a low hand size, such as All Might (I)!

    Teamwork is a fantastic option on offense and defense for pushing over to the finish line! Teamwork’s Response is great for hanging on when all else seems lost — ignoring your progressive difficulty while blocking can let you handle lethal attack strings with ease!

    Teamwork’s Enhance requires a little bit of finesse in your deckbuilding, but it’s worth the effort. By playing a wide diversity of symbols on your attacks you can use two-card attack strings like Prominence Burn -> Stun Grenade to enable a huge damage boost!

    Suited Up is a high value Asset which rewards careful sequencing to get maximum value! Suited Up wants to be ready to change an Attack’s damage, but it needs to be committed to change the Speed. Since you can commit Suited Up to cards like Rescue Completed, you want a careful cadence of using the attack modifier Response, committing Suited Up and using the other Response to change speed.

    Suited Up rewards very tight play — competitive players, take note!

    Ally strategies, rejoice! Dark Shadow Behemoth is a 6-difficulty threat that requires a very high density of “Ally” cards in your deck, but can win games on the spot if left unchecked!

    Dark Shadow Behemoth requires removing Ally cards from your discard to activate each of its three effects and considering using all three would require 16 Ally cards in your discard, each activation has a real cost associated with it.

    Removing 3 Ally cards lets you ready an Ally in your stage, extending your resources on your turn. Removing 5 Ally cards lets you burn your opponent for 2 damage if they interact with you – and this damage can take your rival to 0 health! Lastly, 8 Allies lets you commit their entire board if they can’t fully block the attack. Just make sure they can’t, because you’re only going to have one shot!

    Full Cowling Impact is a fantastic card for taxing blocks and forcing chip damage through to your Rival. The extremely low 2 speed makes this card tempting to block, but the first Response complicates things – when Full Cowling Impact is fully blocked, your Rival has to destroy a foundation they control!

    Lastly, Full Cowling Impact’s Enhance gives you extra value when played against defensive decks that keep a full hand during your turn. If they don’t want to full-block, you’re going to get them for a ton of chip damage and consistently gain Momentum.

    Insidious Advance is complementary to many of Shigaraki’s new cards in League of Villains! Shigaraki revolves around forcing your opponent into lose-lose decisions, and Insidious Advance leans further into that. The first Enhance lets you chip your opponent for free damage if they have failed a check this turn. Partnered with Shigaraki’s abilities that flood your opponent with checks, they will either commit themselves out and end up getting hit, or they’ll take the burn damage. Win-Win!

    Lastly, Insidious Advance also is a game-ending threat if you have one momentum. Just by paying one momentum Insidious Advance can threaten 11 damage and if they’re committed out, the -2 to their next block check will bury them!

    Red Guard is fantastic for decks that want to be very defensively minded, as being able to completely block problematic attacks with Throw or Enhance-based chip damage from cards like Static Jolt is awesome, and Breaker: 1 can save your skin when it matters most.

    It’s also important to note — Red Guard has 3 difficulty! You can comfortably throw Red Guard in at the end of a long attack string, and so the card has practical value on attack and defense — the perfect tool for a character like Kirishima!

    Rising Engine Kick is great for dedicated “Kick” strategies from characters like Iida and Eraserhead. Low attacks with relevant text are always great to have, and Rising Engine Kick steps up with two powerful Enhances to cause a ton of trouble for your Rival. The first Enhance lets you extend your attacking turns by giving your next kick -2 difficulty. Sending a long string of Kick attacks to your opponent ending with Rising Engine Kick into a Recipro Acceleration Kick will get the job done!

    The other Enhance is no slouch, either. Being able to reliably discard your Rival’s Momentum is a big deal by itself — alongside a significant string of Kicks, your Rival’s in real trouble!

    All Smiles is a powerful foundation for Control decks trying to restrict their Rival’s resources. The first Response is narrow but if your opponent is using a foundation multiple times a turn, it’s likely a good thing to destroy it! Being able to get rid of problematic foundations like Rescue Completed is great by itself, but there’s more than that!

    The second Response is simple, but scary — if they gain health with a non-character ability, they lose 2 health. With multiple copies in play the effect becomes truly smothering, as they can each respond to a single instance of life gain. Nice “Recovery Girl’s Kiss”, Hero — now lose 8 health!

    City-Wide Crisis is a powerful Foundation for punishing decks that draw cards while blocking. Cards like Passing the Torch are foiled by City-Wide Crisis’s Response, as when they add a card to their hand you force them to put a card from their hand into their card pool face-down!

    Lastly, the Enhance can bail you out of trouble by returning an attack to printed speed, letting you maneuver around high-speed threats with ease!

    Desperate Struggle provides access two generic but powerful, one-time use defensive Responses on the same card. This card is outstanding against decks that want to use one giant, fast attack to win such as “Determined Victory Smash” or characters such as Muscular or Nomu who provide huge stat bonuses to their attacks in single chunks.

    What are Plus Ultra Promos?

    Plus Ultra Promos are exclusive foil cards that you can only get by playing at your Local Game Store! Jasco Games supplies Plus Ultra packs to Local Game Stores at no charge to provide to players for playing in-store.

    If you are a store owner interested in running Plus Ultra Events, please reach out to

    Where can I get these cards?

    At your local game store, of course! You can find an LGS near you using our Store Locator:

    Hundreds of stores all around the world are running Plus Ultra Events each week! You can look for an event near you on the UGN app: