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    Play every week at your Local Game Store to earn exclusive foil cards from our Plus Ultra Tournament Kits!

    Every booster set release, we send Plus Ultra packs to every Local Game Store in the UniVersus Play Network (UGN). Entering in weekly Plus Ultra events at an LGS gets you a guaranteed two Plus Ultra packs!

    Specific formatting and any additional prizing is subject to the discretion of the Tournament Organizer.


    • Suggested timing: 3 rounds of Best of 3 matches, 60 minutes per round
    • “MHA-Only” or Sealed Play tends to be the most new-player friendly, but we allow any UniVersus event gameplay to be supported by Plus Ultra Packs including Standard or Retro


    *Prize details are subject to change.


    • 2 Plus Ultra Packs

    Winner Prizing:

    • 1 Victory Pack for event winner

    Judge Prizing:

    • 1 Judge Pack for event judge


    We provide Plus Ultra Tournament Kits to support in-store play at no charge to brick and mortar retailers. If you are a LGS that would be interested in joining this program, please reach out to us at

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