Monthly Monday Mayhem Webcam Tournament Series #2

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  • The Monthly Monday Mayhem (“MMM”) Webcam Tournament Series gives players opportunities to compete in accessible higher-level competitive play from home. Each month, tournament organizers will be hosting a $1000 cash-prize webcam tournament, featuring special deck construction formats!

    MMM events will be used to provide opportunities for serious players to test their mettle from home, as well as provide us new opportunities to test new rules and regulations and see what players like!

    The MMM event will be on April 10, 2023, hosted by UnfunStuff. Space will be limited, so make sure to sign up as soon as possible!

    Tournament Format

    The event format for MMM events is significantly different from regular Webcam play, so please take note.

    Every format, the deck building restrictions for Monthly Mayhem will change. Currently, it is:

    CHIBI MANIA – Your deck needs to include at least four cards from League of Villains DLC. This can include your Starting Character, and can be four copies of a single card.

    Prizing Structure

    Entry2 Plus Ultra Packs, 2 Booster Packs
    Top 8 $125 Cash

    Event Details and Registration Link

    Event Time: Tournament starts at 5PM PST, April 10

    MMM events are currently always three rounds of Swiss with no top-cut to ensure a reasonable event length.

    We will be testing new “tie-breaker” rules in MMM events, the details of which are noted below:

    When time in the round is called, the game immediately ends and whichever player has the most game wins is the winner.

    If there is a tie in game wins, the current game will be decided by who has the least missing health.

    For example, if Player A is playing as Eraserhead with 19 Max Health, and Player B is playing as Izuku Midoriya with 28 Max Health, and when time is called Eraserhead has 18 Health and Midoriya has 24 health, Eraserhead wins the match.”

    If both players have the same current missing health, gameplay will continue until there is a change in health. The player with the least missing health will win the Match.

    Where to Watch

    UnfunStuff will be hosting the MMM and streaming it on their Twitch channel! You can find it here:

    For MMM events in the future, we will have a monthly news article on this site detailing each tournament’s unique format and how to participate.