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  • UniVersus is a blast to play, but did you know that you can get rewards for enjoying your favorite TCG? It’s true. Today we’re talking about the Jasco Loyalty Program. Let’s dive in!

    Loyalty: An Introduction

    The Jasco Loyalty Program rewards players and fans for their interactions with the UniVersus TCG. It rewards points for taking certain actions which you can exchange for cool stuff. There are two primary methods for earning points:

    • Playing UniVersus
    • Buying Universus

    You can choose which path works best for you, or even use both!

    Earning Points for Play

    There are two types of events that award Loyalty Points: casual events hosted by Universus Players, and in-store events hosted by officially sanctioned Universus Gaming Network stores. The difference? You earn more points by participating in officially sanctioned events at local stores. Here’s the breakdown:

    Event TierEarned Points
    Local Game Store (LGS)50
    Provisional Showdown100
    Regional License Exam200
    Pro Hero National300

    Each week you can play up to one casual event, hosted by you or a friend. You can also earn points from up to five Local Game Store events each week. Players must play the event to completion to receive earned points. For organized play programs offered directly by Jasco Games, or through selected partners, you can earn unlimited points each week. That includes tournament programs like Provisional Showdowns, Regional License Exams, and Pro Hero Nationals. Some events even offer additional bonus points for each match that you win.

    You can create your own events or find events to play at local stores using our UGN website

    Earning Points for Purchasing

    When you purchase specially marked UniVersus products and boosters you’re eligible to redeem them for points to use in the Jasco Loyalty store. To submit this type of redemption you’ll need to fill out the proper form, which you can find here. Once the form is filled out you’ll pack it up with any product wrappers eligible for redemption, indicated by a resource symbol with the word “redemption” written above it, and ship it to:

    Jasco Games

    5075 Cameron St. STE C

    Las Vegas, NV 89118

    Some redemption containers, like booster packs, have restrictions. Boosters must be redeemed in increments of 30 and earn 1 loyalty point each. You can submit as many boosters as you like with each submission, though there must be at least 30 wrappers, and the total must be divisible by 30. Hot tip: Quirk boosters count towards this total!


    Buying UniVersus boosters is fun, and playing in events with friends and your local community maximizes that fun. Earning loyalty points is just icing on a very tasty cake, but what do you do with the points once you’ve earned them? It all starts here in the loyalty shop.

    Once in the loyalty shop and logged in, you’ll be able to see how many points you have to spend as well as the items you can spend them on. Presently you’ll find a host of promo cards available for redeeming, featuring non-foil versions of many of our popular promo cards from Plus Ultra events, Prereleases, and Provisional Showdowns. Excited to play with these new cards? Great, redeem your points immediately to have them sent your way (while supplies last). Willing to wait? You can redeem points at a discount for promo cards during certain time periods. Here’s a quick breakdown:

    PromoLaunch PriceReduced Price
    Non-Foil Pre Release Promo Card60 Loyalty Points45 Loyalty Points(When Next Set Launches)
    Non-Foil Plus Ultra Tournament Pack Card60 Loyalty Points45 Loyalty Points(When Next Set Launches)
    Non-Foil Provisional Showdown Tournament Pack Card80 Loyalty Points50 Loyalty Points(Season After Legal)

    Worried about shipping and handling? Don’t be! Receiving your rewards is free to users as there’s no costs for shipping or handling. Rewards usually ship in 2-4 weeks, though in particularly busy seasons there may be delays. For fans outside the United States your rewards may take longer to arrive.

    Plus Ultra Series 4 cards will be added to the Loyalty Shop on May 1st, 2023.

    Additional Resources

    The community that plays UniVersus is what makes the game so great, and the Jasco Loyalty Program is a way to say “thanks!” Make sure you sign up for a UGN account to take advantage of this program, and check out these additional resources: