League of Villains Toga Character Spotlight

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  • Welcome to the third article highlighting the various Characters within Set 4 of the My Hero Academia Collectible Card Game: League of Villains!

    This week, we’re covering a fan-favorite: Himiko Toga (II)!

    Himiko Toga

    Himiko Toga (II) is a defensive Character whose gameplay is closely tied to momentum. As Toga (II) generates momentum through her fast attacks and momentum-ramping Enhances on her cards, her rivals will struggle to keep up!

    As a 6 hander with 28 health, Toga (II) has enough health to allow her to opt into scrapping and trading attacks as well as playing defensively. Paired with the Life, Water and Death symbols, Toga (II) has a ton of great deckbuilding options to take on even the most fearsome rivals out there!

    Starting with Toga’s First Enhance, Toga (II) lets you re-use your “Momentum Flip” abilities! Cards like Piercing Needle from “Heroes Clash” and Zero Gravity Capture from “My Hero Academia Base Set” synergize very well with this new strategy!

    Her second Enhance is simple, but powerful. Every turn, your first attack gets +2 Speed. This synergizes very well with Toga (II)’s “poke once and pass” strategy, as Toga (II) prefers longer games that can take advantage of this speed and the momentum it creates.

    Lastly, her Response is incredible for both keeping yourself safe and extending your attacking turns. Late game, you’ll be flipping your Momentum often and devastating your rival’s resources with cards like Dual Needle Lunge and Gory Stab (featured below) while simultaneously re-using powerful foundations like Creepy Realization or Prone To Dry Eyes will let you keep Toga (II) in the driver’s seat at all times.

    Dual Needle Lunge

    Dual Needle Lunge is one of Toga (II)’s standout Attacks in her kit, and for good reason! Dual Needle Lunge has below average combat stats, with a +3 Low Block and only 5 damage, but brings immense value with an EX:2 that serves as an effective late-game finisher, as well as powerful Enhance effects.

    The first Enhance lets you Flip 1 Momentum to mill your rival for 2 cards. This may seem trivial, but it’s important to remember that this effect lets you ready foundations with Toga (II)’s Response during your rival’s turn, and can even interfere with cards like Destined for Mainstream Success and Quick Creation!

    The second Enhance is the cherry on top — you can pay 3 health to kick Dual Needle Lunge straight to your momentum when it resolves! Being able to consistently add cards to your Momentum is essential for Toga (II)’s strategy, making Dual Needle Lunge the perfect attack for the job!

    Gory Stab

    If Toga (II) is able to add Gory Stab to her Momentum, her rivals will find themselves falling even further behind!. Defensive foundations like Release, Rescue Completed, and Creepy Realization are put in a very tough spot by Gory Stab’s first Response: if you use them, you lose them! Further, since Toga (II) can un-flip a momentum every turn, the ability to consistently pressure your rival’s resources while being able to dedicate all of your cards and foundations to defense makes Toga (II) a tough character to attack into.

    But the frustration for your rivals doesn’t end there! Gory Stab’s second Response forces your rivals to make a tough decision each time it’s played. Does your rival value their foundations or their momentum more? Whatever their choice, Toga (II) will drain their resources dry. 

    Featuring all of your favorite Villains for the first time – My Hero Academia: League of Villains lets players join the League of Villains and show those Heroes what they are capable of!

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