League of Villains DLC Spotlight Attacks & Foundations

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    Today, we’re covering the new Attack and Foundation cards that you can find in the upcoming DLC release for League of Villains!

    Get Loud lets you dig into your Rival’s deck and send a big attack at the same time! Leading with attacks like YEEAAHHHHHH!!! or Final Exam Gut Shot lets you enable the Combo Enhance while doubling down on the “mill” strategy!

    The second Enhance is important for setting up maximum value out of the Combo Enhance, as it lets you stuff a high-difficulty card from your stage into your card pool to get more speed! It’s important to note that Stacked Character cards can’t be used to pay costs unless specifically noted otherwise, so it’s best to use high-difficulty Foundations and Assets like Young Heroes, Top Pro Heroes or All Might’s Mentorship (featured below) to get a big boost!

    Quick Thinking

    Quick Thinking is great for decks that are built around specific foundations or Characters, because if you ever check the card you need you can build it from your discard pile! Cards like Blade Expertise look great when you can use them multiple times in a game, and being able to consistently find your all-star foundations like One With Nature and Passing the Torch is very strong. You can also add Characters to your stage for Shoto Todoroki (III)‘s Freeze Enhance with ease!

    Furthermore, Quick Thinking has Ally, Ranged and Weapon as keywords so it can slide into many existing strategies! While the card does have a Check of 2, the consistency you gain in being able to always have the foundations you want does a lot to balance out your deck’s draws.

    Rushing In features a reasonable stat frame of 4 Mid 5 Damage, and a +1 High Block Modifier, as well as EX:2. Rushing In’s Enhance strongly encourages players to find lots of copies of the same foundation to gain speed, or stack Character cards to earn the boost as well.

    Properly set up, Rushing In represents upwards of 8 speed without paying any additional costs — and you can get even faster than that with the EX:2!

    Shocking Entrance‘s great at annoying your opponent with a nice “poke” to start your turn! Shocking Entrance comes in with an extra 2 speed if it’s your only card in your card pool. Characters like Asui Tsuyu (I) can remove attacks from your card pool, letting you get the extra speed even further into your attack strings!

    Lastly, the second Enhance lets you switch out any card in your hand with a Character or Asset in your discard! This synergizes with the new Katsuki Bakugo and can also pick up cards like Earphone Jack, Sports Festival Stadium or Special Edition Collectible from your discard to play after!

    All Might’s Mentorship helps solve a classic problem — “What if I want to build, AND beat up my Rival?”

    All Might’s Mentorship has underwhelming stats for its difficulty, but it’s worth the 4-check. Firstly, Progressive Difficulty doesn’t count All Might’s Mentorship when playing attacks, so you can safely build one (or two… or three!) copies and THEN start your attacking turn.

    But that’s not all, because if any of your attacks deal damage while All Might’s Mentorship is in your card pool, you get to draw and discard to help find the cards you need!

    Asui’s Friendship lets Ranged strategies cut through their opponent’s defenses better than ever before! When you deal damage with a Ranged attack, you can commit Asui’s Friendship to make your Rival commit two foundations!

    Combine this with abilities that let you ready Asui’s Friendship like Frog Kick and Sludge to force your Rival to commit everything and take them down!

    Kirishima’s Assistance is a effective method of breaking through troubling defensive blocks like Faith’s Shield and defensive keywords like “Breaker:2” that can be backbreaking for aggressive decks needing to push damage through.

    With a low difficulty and low block, what is there not to love?

    Featuring two different one time use “First Form” effects, Uraraka’s Encouragement is a powerful foundation for setting up complicated strategies that need a lot of different pieces.

    One First Form lets you search your deck for a Character card, a powerful effect for anyone who revolves around characters, such as Mt. Lady, Twice or the new Izuku Midoriya (III).

    The second First Form lets you add any non-unique foundation from your discard to your hand! This is great for any that seriously revolve around getting specific foundations in play for their deck to work as intended, and also lets you get away with playing 1 copy of specific foundations for niche situations that you can grab when you need it, such as In the Typhoon or Cheerleader!

    My Hero Academia Chibi Mania DLC releases on April 7th, 2023! Pre-order at your Local Game Store!

    You can look for a store or an in-store event using our UniVersus Gaming Network: https://play.mhacardgame.com

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