Hero League Championship

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    The Hero League Championship is the culmination of the Organized Play season to crown the #1 Pro Hero! Compete throughout the season to earn your place amongst the greatest heroes and walk away a Champion!


    QualificationHLC Invites
    North American Pro Hero National8
    North American Pro Hero Online National8
    European Pro Hero National8
    Oceanic Pro Hero National2
    Top Pro Heroes5
    Pro Hero MVP1

    Pro Hero Nationals

    Players with top placements at their respective region’s Pro Hero Nationals will earn their spot in the Hero League Championship!

    North AmericaTop 8
    North America OnlineTop 8
    EuropeTop 8
    OceaniaTop 2

    Top Pro Hero

    Throughout the season of competitive play, top placements at premier level tournaments (Regional License Exams, Nationals) will earn players Pro Hero Points! Players will be able to track their progress against all other heroes, with the 5 Top Pro Heroes* of the organized play season earning their qualification to the Hero League Championship!

    *Top Pro Heroes who have earned a Hero League Championship invite via Nationals will have their invite passed down to the next Top Pro Hero

    Placement (RLE / Nationals)Points
    3 – 412
    5 – 86
    10 – 163
    17 – 321

    Pro Hero MVP

    The Pro Hero MVP is an opportunity to highlight a Hero who goes above and beyond to shine the best that the My Hero Academia CCG community has to give. In light of their efforts throughout the season, Jasco Games will be rewarding the Pro Hero MVP with a special invite into the Hero League Championship.


    Qualifying into the Hero League Championship will instantly guarantee competitors with a portion of the $250,000 prize pool! Full prize breakdown to be announced at a later date.