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    Jasco Games has been busy as a bee at GAMA Expo announcing upcoming releases for the My Hero Academia Collectible Card Game. We’ve collated all the new information into this article so that players who couldn’t attend don’t miss out on any new news!

    Class Reunion’s Out Soon!

    Class Reunion releases May 19th, 2023! Retailers still have time to place orders at their preferred distributor, so pre-order at your Local Game Store ASAP!

    Undaunted Raid

    We announced a ton of news regarding our upcoming set, My Hero Academia: Undaunted Raid!

    Undaunted Raid Card Reveal Season Begins!

    We began the Undaunted Raid presentation with revealing four new character cards – Overhaul, and The Big 3! We’re very pleased to be able to finally bring these fan favorite characters to the game!

    Simplified Starter Decks!

    Beginning with the Mirio and Overhaul Clash Decks, we have tuned the products to be more new player friendly, including a new lower MSRP.

    Clash Decks will no longer include a random Ultra Rare from their associated set, but each Clash Deck will include at least two copies of each non-character card to increase ease of collecting.

    Upgraded Booster Packs!

    Starting with Undaunted Raid, each booster pack will include 11 cards, with one character card seeded per pack. Changing the product in this manner allows for significant expansion of Sealed and Draft Play, as external character cards no longer need provided by the Tournament Organizer.

    Chrome Rares are Back!

    Adjusted “Secret Rare” Rarity

    In previous releases, Secret Rare cards were approximately one card per three booster boxes, with two Secret Rare cards per set.

    Starting with Undaunted Raid, there will be 6 Secret Rare cards which appear significantly more frequently in booster packs, with an average of one Secret Rare card per booster box.

    Simplified Collector Path

    Starting with Undaunted Raid, we are making the following changes to make our game easier to collect than ever before!

    There is no 1st Edition or Unlimited print differentiation — it’s all one print run!

    Furthermore, we have simplified the process for players to find the cards they want — starting with this set, there are no “Quirk Pack” cards separate from the booster pack product, and there will not be a DLC associated with this set. Simply put, we want to be “Doing fewer things, and doing them better“!

    Improved Prerelease Experience

    A primary focus of ours with Undaunted Raid was to lower the friction for stores to run structured events such as Prereleases. Starting with Undaunted Raid, Prerelease Kits are individually packaged for ease of event management.

    So, what’s next?

    We’re keeping hush on details for now, but we are proud to announce the name of the sixth MHACCG set – JetBurn, releasing Q4 2023!