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    Today, we’re showing off what you can find in the My Hero Academia CCG Class Reunion Collector Pack and Limited Edition Collector Box!

    Both Class Reunion boxes contain a guaranteed “The Future Is Now!” Promo Card, as well as new, never before seen cards and League of Villains Booster Packs!

    The Limited Edition Collector Box also contains color-coded dice for calculating Damage and Speed, as well as Game Tokens to keep track of active effects and a 65-card pack of Card Sleeves, manufactured by Dragon Shield!

    Check out the full trailer below, as well as a full overview of each of the cards you can pull!

    The Future Is Now! lets you extend your attacking turns by giving your next attack a stat bump, as well as letting you ignore progressive difficulty. Playing this at the end of a long string of attacks to cap off the turn with one last swing is very powerful!

    Masterminding fits like a glove into any Check-based Control strategies! Masterminding sends itself to your Momentum when your opponent fails a check — while you can’t use Masterminding to pay costs from your Momentum, it instead provides value through the Enhance. Every turn, you can decrease one of your opponent’s next check by 1! Multiple copies of Masterminding can let you drown your opponent in tax effects if they don’t have an answer!

    Run Away is a new defensive trick designed to frustrate aggressive strategies! When an attack would hit you, you can pay life equal to the attack’s printed damage to have the attack deal no damage, and then your rival stuffs a card into their card pool.

    This card can be backbreaking against decks leaning on keywords like Powerful to get their damage in, as taking the printed damage can let you save lots of life.

    Gran Torino Agency helps push “Kick” based strategies as well as decks that can clear their own card pool during their turn! Giving everything +1 Speed is a double edged sword, but tight play can allow for keeping Gran Torino Agency ready during your turn, and commited during your Rival’s!

    Lastly, the Enhance lets you use any Kick attack to block like it has a +0 Mid block, letting you guarantee that you’ll have good blocks to keep yourself safe.

    Blazing Icicle features a Card Pool Response that lets you freeze your Rival’s foundations if they let you hit them! This is great for turns where you need to extend and deal damage but are worried about getting knocked out on their backswing, as freezing their problematic foundations can take the edge off their aggression.

    Lastly, if Blazing Icicle has its speed and damage buffed, you get to draw a card, letting you either extend your aggression or keep another card back for blocking.

    Create: Insulation Cloth serves as a new method of setting up Staff Strike’s Combo requirement in one card while also checking a lot of other desirable boxes – 4 difficulty, a low attack zone, and even a block modifier of +1 Mid!

    On top of that, the Card Pool Response is impactful on both attack and defense — being able to shut out your Rival’s interactions during your turn to pressure damage is great, but blocking with Create: Insulation Cloth and then using the Response on your opponent’s turn to protect your resources is incredibly valuable.

    Dark Shadow Surge is the newest piece of support for “Ally” strategies, and it’s a doozy! A Combo requirement of (Ally, Ally) is trivial to execute in a Ally-focused deck, and the pay-off is to destroy any Rival foundation! It’s best to look for an opportunity to activate the Enhance right after your Rival stacks a high check on the top of their deck, as you can get rid of the check and deny your opponent a foundation!

    Lastly, the Card Pool Response can be very useful on attack or defense depending on when your opponent wants to spend their Momentum. As you play, keep an eye on your opponent’s Discard to see what they use their Momentum for, and make sure Dark Shadow Surge is available to make them pay life!

    Dupe-Plex is an outstanding card for any Character Card based strategy! Being able to build Character Cards straight from your Discard is great for characters like Mt. Lady or Twice, and Twice is even able to give the attack Throw!

    A solid way to play this card as Twice is to back it up with methods of giving +4 damage, so that once you give the attack Throw it’ll deal at least 5 damage and enable the build no matter what!

    Wait, is that a SEVEN DIFFICULTY ATTACK?

    One For All 1,000,000% Delaware Detroit Smash asks your opponent a very simple question –
    “Can you block this attack?”

    With a massive difficulty of 7, it’s going to be a lot of work to work through your opponent’s defenses while leaving enough open foundations to play this attack, but if you do you might knock out your Rival on the spot!

    For example, If you have 4 momentum when you play this card you can discard your hand and give your attack Powerful: 4 and then discard those momentum to give +16 damage! That’s enough to make anyone sweat!

    Throwing Knife Lunge is an outstanding tool for any Weapon decks planning on going as wide as possible! With two Card Pool abilities, Throwing Knife Lunge is at its best at the front of a very long string of attacks.

    The Card Pool Response is simple — if any of your Weapon attacks deal damage, your Rival loses a health. Going as wide as possible on your aggressive will score you a ton of extra damage!

    Lastly, the Card Pool Enhance is a nice way to top off an attacking turn — if you’ve gotten 5 damage in, you can destroy a Rival asset or foundation!

    Haughty helps all-in, “big attack” decks push to the finish line! Discarding 1 momentum to give your attack +5 damage is no joke, and usually means that your first attack every turn will be threatening lethal after the first few turns of the game.

    Lastly, Haughty can also flip to ready itself if you have an attack with 10 or more damage! What is there to not love?

    The Future Is Now with the My Hero Academia CCG Class Reunion Collector Pack and Limited Edition Collector Box, releasing May 19! Preorder at your Local Game Store now! Find an LGS near you here: