Character Intro: Tsuyu Asui

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  • Tsuyu Asui LEAPS into battle in the My Hero Academia CCG! 

    You can collect The Rainy Season Hero’s cards in booster packs from Series 1.

    “Ribbit!” – Tsuyu Asui

    The quirk, Frog, gives Tsuyu Asui the proportionate abilities of a frog, including but not limited to a powerful prehensile tongue and incredible leaping power. She utilizes these abilities in the My Hero Academia CCG by moving fast at all times and keeping ahead of her rival.

    Whether on offense or defense, Froppy can get the jump on her rival by keeping her card pool clear at all times. While attacking, she can string together longer combos than anyone else can keep up with, or she can continuously block attacks much more efficiently than her classmates by clearing her card pool after every attack which effectively reduces the difficulty of any further blocks. 

    Asui’s great speed and card pool clearing comes at a cost. As she flips more of her foundations to continuously use these abilities, she finds herself with fewer and fewer resources left. This not just to activate their own abilities, but she might even corner herself and not be able to leap anymore! Learning careful use of her abilities will be the key to playing the most efficient Froppy deck!

    “Ribbit?” – Tsuyu Asui

    Tsu’s talent for speed and leaping is very evident in her attacks, with her lineup being balanced in every attack zone, and each of her tongue lashes coming in at high speeds. A very efficient start to Asui’s attack turns is 20 Meter Tongue Strike. This attack will help streamline your turn by slapping away a piece of your rival’s defensive tech for the rest of the turn. Once their defenses are down, you can re-ready your own pieces with a well-timed Frog Kick and continue attacking!

    As the fight goes longer, Asui will have more and more face down foundations, but this isn’t always a hindrance. Her attack strings can be greatly bolstered with a well placed Frog Lashing or two! This attack only gets stronger as the game goes on, and it’s potent ready ability is not restricted to foundations that have not been readied this turn, as Frog Kick is. Whether it’s used to help continue your attack string, or to set yourself up for a stronger defensive turn, Frog Lashing is going to spin your rival’s plans out of control!

    “This class is intense” – Tsuyu Asui

    One of Asui’s core strengths is her amphibious nature, and that will be incredibly relevant in her deck as well. You can use Amphibious to remain afloat and make sure that your foundations remain ready, be it on defense or offense! When used in conjunction with the versatile Rescue Completed, Asui can put extra pressure on the speed of any attack that she cares about.

    If you find yourself able to take down the speed of an attack but you don’t quite have the right block zone that you need, or if you find yourself facing down an especially rough Throw attack, then Asui’s ability to cling to walls has you covered! This can get you out of many sticky situations, and when combined with the excellent block on Frog Lashing you can disable any attack thrown your way with ease.

    That’s it for Tsuyu Asui now, but you can look forward to playing as her and leaping all around the battlefield in the My Hero Academia CCG, coming this November!