Character Intro: Kyoka Jiro

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  • Kyoka Jiro shreds her way to the stage in the My Hero Academia CCG! Collect her cards and more in the Series 1 booster packs.

    “Strength doesn’t make a hero, true heroes stand up for what they believe.” 

    – Kyoka Jiro

    Jiro is a pragmatic, organized, demure member of Class 1A, settling scores with her Quirk, “Earphone Jack”, which allows her to plug into any object they can pierce and hear even the smallest vibrations passing through them. Not only that, she can channel the sound of her own heartbeat through whatever she plugs into, attacking evildoers with soundwaves and leaving them in discord! Jiro prefers to plan ahead and create favorable situations, and her quirk is key to scouting and to bringing conflicts to a close. 

    With her character card, you can plug in and scout ahead of both players’ decks, giving you valuable information over the course of the game. When you need to go on the offensive, Jiro allows you a unique deck-building decision: Will you create a crescendo with super strong Charge attacks? Slice through defenses with super fast Weapon attacks? Or create a delicate harmony between the two? 

    “I’m sorry, next time I’ll ask before saving our butts.” – Kyoka Jiro

    Lucky for you, Jiro’s attack lineup is a chorus full of charges and weapons that will bridge the gap for you! Jazz things up with Specialized Sound Waves, drawing a card whether you play it as an attack or a block. On offense, you can lay a nasty trap on top of your rival’s deck, stack your own to draw off its own effect, or create a safety net for later. Jiro isn’t just a musical prodigy, though, as she uses the Improvised Blade created by her friend Momo Yaoyorozu, letting you double up on damage and speed for each card in your card pool with this major Weapon attack! 

    Jiro’s boots and gloves aren’t just stylish punk-rock apparel, they’re also UA-designed hero gear, functioning as amplifiers for her already powerful heartbeat distortion waves! Use her Earphone Jack asset to discard cards you’d rather your rival didn’t have later, while enhancing your own charge attacks—and when the time is right, ready a foundation that you’ve used earlier in the combat phase!  

    “Jiro, why not use your skill to make other people smile?” – Koji Koda

    Jiro is a talented musician, an experienced vanguard and acts as Class 1A’s Specialist of Sound. Using this card, you can bring your rival’s attacks to a slower tempo, and using Jiro’s own ability, stack it in such a way that you can peek at a 3rd card from the top of your own deck!

    Kyoka Jiro is a versatile and unique character, able to use several different lineups of attacks on 3 different symbols. Try combining her charges with Ochako Uraraka’s on the Air symbol, or her weapons with her best friend Momo Yaoyorozu’s on the All or Good symbol!

    Whatever you choose for your concerto, you’ll find Jiro and her classmates in the My Hero Academia CCG, available now!