Character Intro: Eraser Head

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  • Eraser Head BINDS the enemy in the My Hero Academia CCG! 

    You can collect the homeroom teacher’s cards in booster packs from Series 1.

    “Which one of you gutter punks is next?” – Eraser Head

    Shota Aizawa’s quirk Erasure is such a core part of his character that even his character card in the My Hero Academia has full access to the card Erase from the beginning of the game. Erasure gives Aizawa the ability to disable someone’s quirk as long as he keeps his eyes on them without blinking, and in the card game this means that if he wishes to keep his rival’s ability turned off he will have to continuously discard cards from his hand to keep using Erase repeatedly.

    Since Erasure is essentially a purely defensive quirk, Aizawa has trained himself for 6 years to use a unique weapon called the Binding Cloth to defend himself with. His skill and combos with this weapon allowed him to take down hordes of henchmen during the U.S.J. incident. In the My Hero Academia CCG you can play as Eraser Head and perform fantastic combos to bind your rival’s hand and achieve victory!

    “That power is amazing!” – Class 1-A

    Once you start an attack turn with the Binding Cloth, you can continue to attack in a variety of ways to perform different Combo abilities. The Combo ability only needs the card immediately preceding it to meet its condition, so Eraser Head can easily flow in and out of different combos with ease!

    Binding Cloth Assault is Eraser Head’s most consistent attack. If you have simply played an action during your turn, then Binding Cloth Assault will have a higher speed than any of Eraser Head’s other attacks. The ability to cycle a card out of your hand to draw two more will keep Eraser Head consistently ahead, and able to keep up the pressure with his Erasure quirk!

    Binding Kick and Expert Flurry each have very easy combo requirements, only needing to be preceded by an attack. These two common attacks both can make great opening attacks as their combo abilities aren’t as impactful as Binding Cloth Capture or Binding Cloth Assault, but can each help in their own unique ways. For example, Expert Flurry’s ability to discard your rival’s momentum will prove invaluable against several opponents, especially those who rely on face up momentum for their tricks! These simple attacks will help provide Eraser Head with the damage output that he will need to take out the trash!

    “You really are so cool, Eraser Head.” – Tomura Shiguraki

    Since Aizawa is class 1-A’s homeroom teacher, his foundations provide excellent control for keeping those kids in line! Night Watch will prove invaluable in keeping your students in check when they start to get out of hand, and Mediator provides stellar defense on a low difficulty foundation, even drawing you an additional card to help keep playing Erase and blocking as often as possible!

    Late Riser is a multi-functional card that you can decide how to use at different points of the game. If you get a copy or two of Late Riser in your Stage early, you can add a significant amount of damage across your combos, or you can discard copies that you have drawn during the late-game using Eraser Head’s enhance in order to give your rival’s attack a huge speed reduction. You can even keep a copy in your hand until you need the additional speed, and your rival won’t see it coming. Better late than never!

    You can look forward to playing as Eraser Head and wrapping up the competition in the My Hero Academia CCG, in stores now!