Regional License Exam – Kissimmee, FL

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  • After a very successful Organized Play season in 2022, we are coming back even stronger in 2023 starting with our first Regional License Exam in Kissimmee, Florida hosted by Pro-Play Games!

    We have significantly expanded our offerings for side events, including structural support for “Standard” format, team events and more – check out the new schedule below!

    Quick Details

    Date: April 15-16th 2023
    Venue: Osceola Heritage Park Events Center: Kissimmee A&B Ballrooms
    1875 Silver Spur Ln, Kissimmee, FL 34744
    Decklist Due Date: April 15 at 10AM
    Prizing Information:

    Tournament Format

    Swiss Rounds, Best of 3
    60 minute rounds + 10 minute overtime
    Top Cut, Single Elimination Best of 3

    Saturday Schedule

    Main Event Scheduled Side EventsOn-Demand Events
    Regional License Exam 11AM“2-Deck Format” 3PMMHA Constructed
    “LoV Super Sealed” 6PMStandard Constructed

    Sunday Schedule

    Main EventScheduled Side EventsOn-Demand Events
    Regional License Exam 8AM “Common Ground Constructed” 9AMMHA Constructed
    “2-Deck Format” 12PMStandard Constructed
    “LoV Super Sealed” 3PM
    “MHA Team Constructed” 6PM

    Details regarding Side Event procedure can be found here:

    Plus Ultra Series 1

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    Plus Ultra Program Overview

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  • The Plus Ultra program is an amazing opportunity for stores to be rewarded with free tournament kits for their work organizing events through the UniVersus Game Network (UGN). Designed to support up to 32 players, kits include exclusive Judge and Victory packs for your organizers and victors, and Plus Ultra packs for all participants. With a Plus Ultra Tournament Kit, you’ll have everything you need to run My Hero Academia Collectible Card Game tournaments in your store!

    To help your store plan and organize a Plus Ultra event, Jasco Games provides the following: 

    • Plus Ultra Tournament Kit:
      • 32 Plus Ultra Packs
        • Hand these out as participation prizes for each player who joins your Plus Ultra events
      • 4 Victory Packs
        • Hand these out to the top finishers of your Plus Ultra events
      • 4 Judge Packs
        • Hand these out to judges/staff who help you manage your Plus Ultra events
      • Plus Ultra Promotional Poster
        • Display this in your store to advertise your upcoming Plus Ultra events to players and to help them sign up quickly using the QR code

    How to get Plus Ultra Kits:

    1. Carry our game in your store!
    2. Contact Jasco Games! Simply call or email a Jasco Games representative to get you started with complementary kits! New to Plus Ultra Events? We’ve got you covered. Contact to get started! 
    3. Host weekly LGS events at your store to receive additional free kits from your distributor! Make sure you are hosting events on our UGN platform so that we can send you monthly shipments based on the number of players at your store.
    4. Want more kits? Contact the Jasco Games LGS Outreach Team to purchase more kits subject to availability.
    5. Participate in our community! We are always looking for ways to reward stores that host community events! Hosting Pre-Release events is just one easy way to receive additional free Plus Ultra kits!

    Distribution Details

    Based on your store’s player count and play rate on the UGN, stores are eligible to receive up to five Plus Ultra kits from the most recent set, and up to four Plus Ultra kits from previous sets each month.

    Plus Ultra Program F.A.Q.

    Contact Info:

    Find us on Discord at where we’ll be happy to answer all of your questions!