Undaunted Raid HYPE! Secret Rares and Chrome Rares Announced!

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  • Greetings, Heroes!

    We’ve dropped some big news over the weekend regarding Undaunted Raid, so let’s get into it!

    Chrome Rares Return!

    Chrome Rares are making a return appearance in Undaunted Raid! Previously featured in Heroes Clash, these extremely rare cards are alternate arts of some of the most impactful Attack cards in Undaunted Raid! Each Chrome Rare is serialized out of 100 copies, and they are truly beautiful to behold!

    Rejuvenating Smash lets you replenish your resources by playing it as your second card in a turn, on offense or defense! Furthermore, if you discard a card from your hand during this attack’s Enhance Step you get a free Momentum as well!

    Spiral Blasts provides multiple swings of 5 damage via the Echo keyword! Each swing’s Enhance lets you gain 2 life, and if you’re at Maximum health you get 2 damage as well!

    Lastly, Spiral Blasts’ Deadlock Enhance is no joke! Scooping up your Momentum full of attacks from previous turns is an easy way to take a single attack and turn it into a game-ending string!

    Vast Hybrid Chimera Kraken pressures your Rival’s resources while also making your attacks harder to block!

    If Vast Hybrid Chimera Kraken goes to your momentum, it goes face-up and can use its Once Per Turn Enhance to give one of your attacks each turn +2 Speed, meaning Vast Hybrid provides continuous value as long as it’s in your Momentum.

    Secondly, the other Enhances seriously pin down your rival’s board! You can commit and freeze a threatening foundation, as well as committing an Asset! This helps you clear your way through their defense or limit their offense on their next turn.

    Schoolyard Smackdown lets you discard an attack from your card pool to switch your attack’s zone! Furthermore, when you do so Schoolyard Smackdown gets +1/+1! Combine with other effects that let you switch your Attack’s zone to show your rival your true “POWERRR!!!”

    Stalagmite Piercer is a sneaky threat, that between its two Enhances and it’s low Block Zone is very tricky to block well.

    If your rival blocks it with a non-attack, they lose 2 life, and if you’ve played an attack from anywhere other than your hand Stalagmite Piercer gains +2 speed!

    Secret Rares Revealed!

    Undaunted Raid features approximately one Secret Rare card per 24 booster packs, and you can check them out here!

    A Spear And A Shield lets you pivot from efficient blocking to sending huge Attacks in the blink of an eye! By paying 2 health when you block with this card, you can have your rival commit a foundation and send A Spear And A Shield to your momentum at the end of the turn!

    Lastly, A Spear And A Shield has an Enhance you can activate from your Momentum! By Removing it from your Momentum you can give your attack a damage boost based off how many foundations have left the stage this turn! Combine this card with cards like Brute Strength on long attack strings to put out some huge swings!

    Manifest is an action that lets you turn any card in your card pool into a Momentum — and it even sends the card face-up! Combine with cards like Zero Gravity Lift to assemble truly devastating combos without playing into your Progressive Difficulty!

    Lastly, Manifest even blocks well! With a +1 High and a Response that gains you two life when you block, Manifest is a great card to have on both your and your Rival’s turn!

    Chronostasis Trigger is a fantastic attack for pressuring your Rival’s ability to block your attacks and stripping away their defensive options. With a lean 4 difficulty, Chronostasis Trigger is great anywhere on your attack string, and has two powerful Enhances!

    The first Enhance lets you restrict your Rival’s foundations by freezing one and committing another if you played it from somewhere other than your hand! Characters like Mr. Compress, Kurogiri (II) and the upcoming Overhaul all love sneaking this card into play from other zones!

    Lastly, there’s an additional bonus for if your Character has the Evil Symbol — you can change the attack’s zone and if it hits you SEAL THEIR CHARACTER! (Get it? It takes their Quirk away!)

    Phantom Threat is a game-ending threat in the right hands! Phantom Threat is at its best with characters like the upcoming Mirio Togata who can easily change the attack’s zone. Once that’s enabled, Phantom Threat goes to your momentum after it resolves!

    Secondly, Phantom Threat’s response is a killer! Every time Phantom Threat recieves a damage bonus, it gets one speed too! Once you’ve gotten Phantom Threat’s Response to trigger 5 times, you draw a card and the attack gains Flash — preventing your opponent from using any Enhances to reset your stats!

    Repeated 100% Smash‘s artwork features Izuku Midoriya beating the absolute stuffing out of his Rival, and the card does just that!

    Repeated 100% Smash wants to be at the end of a very long string of attacks, as its first Enhance lets you ready as many foundations as you have Punches in your card pool. Even if you have to commit everything to pass the check, you’ll get to ready enough foundations to keep going!

    Secondly, if Repeated 100% Smash is at 10 damage or higher, neither player can modify their checks for the rest of the turn. Keywords like Breaker and defensive tricks like Release are no good here — you’ve got to block it the old fashioned way!

    Tetra-Terror Onslaught is a very value-dense attack that if un-answered lets you recur multiple attacks from your discard!

    It’s usually coming in with 6 speed, and by paying 3 health you can make sure that you’ll have a follow-up after Tetra-Terror Onslaught by picking up an attack to continue your attack string, or a defensive option like Showdown to let you end your turn securely.

    Tetra-Terror Onslaught even has Echo, and when you use the Echo effect you get to play it with -1 difficulty and +2 speed, as the Echo was triggered from somewhere other than your hand!

    Undaunted Raid is shaping up to be our best Prerelease experience ever! Don’t miss it! You can find your local event and sign up to attend using our event finder here. Finally, don’t forget to follow us on social media here:


    Air Symbol Primer

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  • Welcome to the Jasco Games’ Design Team Symbol Primer! Today we are going to help you understand the Air symbol and the ways in which it can play the game. If you are looking for a deck that can move its cards around your board, then Air may be the symbol for you!

    Card Movement is the primary theme of the Air symbol. This is commonly expressed in manners such as

    • Clearing cards from your card pool
    • Readying foundations.
    • Moving cards to other piles, such as to the momentum or the removed from game pile.

    Card Pool Clearing

    Air’s core concept is keeping its card pool clean. This can be achieved by discarding your attacks, adding them to your momentum, or even the bottom of your deck. An Air player is happy when they aren’t getting much progressive difficulty tying down their attack turn.

    Let’s look at a few cards that give examples of this theme:

    Uses the theme

    It’s not just enough that a symbol is able to perform the theme, though! You should have cards that utilize cards leaving your card pool in interesting ways. This can be through a reward if you have already cleared your pool, such as Tongue Smack giving you access to its draw ability, or you could find the reward directly on the card you clear from your card pool, like how Jet Kickback and Frog Kick both give you a stat bonus for clearing them.

    Triggers off of the theme

    Not everyone is an Air player, though. If you’re sitting across the table from someone who keeps clearing their card pool, you should look into some ways to force them to slow down a bit, or at least punish them.

    Interacts with, or restricts rivals playing the theme

    Readying Foundations

    Readying foundations is a core ability for both Air and Water, seen through multiple cards that happen to share both symbols. This can allow you to extend your attack strings further, or to defend yourself when it looks like you were pushed to your limits.

    Uses the theme

    Triggers off of the theme

    Readying cards for re-use is generally powerful enough unto itself, but there are some cards that activate when things are readied. Check out the Water symbol for more synergies with foundations re-readying as well, cards such as Enamored and Blood Evaluation will serve you well.

    Interacts with, or restricts rivals playing the theme

    Minor Theme: Momentum Generation

    In keeping with Air’s theme of card movement, cards can sometimes be flowing through your momentum. While Air may not be as adept as Chaos at generating momentum, Air certainly has its own ways to get ahead in the momentum department. 

    Uses the theme

    Minor Theme: Speed Pump

    The second most efficient way to get momentum is to just make sure your attacks hit, and Air can help you get there with its plentiful speed pump abilities!

    Uses the theme

    Triggers off of the theme

    Interacts with, or restricts rivals playing the theme

    Lastly, I’d like to highlight some characters who I believe represent the symbol’s core values the best through their gameplay. You don’t even need to play these characters on Air to feel like you’re playing an Air deck!

    As we have highlighted today, the Air symbol is largely about mitigating risks and being able to stay vigilant. If the cards in this article caught your eye, maybe you’d like to explore the Air symbol a bit further in the future! Stay tuned for next time when we go over the deck manipulation that is the All symbol.

    League of Villains Kurogiri Character Spotlight

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  • Welcome to the third article highlighting the various Characters within Set 4 of the My Hero Academia Collectible Card Game: League of Villains!

    This week, we’re covering the enigmatic Kurogiri (II)!

    Kurogiri (II) is an odd character at first glance – his Form lets you remove the top of your discard pile until you remove an attack, and then play it with 3 bonus speed. This Form lets you re-use devastating attacks like Warp Gate Portal multiple times in a game without having to play a ton of copies of them in your deck. This makes Kurogiri (II)’s turns very consistent — with a tidy discard pile, he’ll always have the ability to play his most powerful attacks.

    As a 5 hander with only 28 Starting Health, Kurogiri (II) looks relatively fragile, but don’t be fooled! Kurugiri (II)’s Response lets him block with cards from your discard pile! Being able to get a second use out of defensive abilities with Breaker: 2 is huge, and blocking with attacks you want to remove lets you re-organize your discard pile to make sure the card you want to play with your Form is always on top!

    Kurogiri (II) loves blocking with his Response using cards like Compression Sphere and Fierce Whirlwind that interact with your opponent while in your card pool. If you keep track of what your Rival is up to, you can use his Response to always make sure you have the right block to interfere with their plans.

    Warp Gate Portal asks a lot of your deck due to its 1 Check, but the power that you get is undeniable. With an entirely reasonable 5 Mid 5 Damage stat line and a block modifier of +0 Mid, Warp Gate Portal is an outstanding card to have in your hand at all times.

    On top of that, the Enhance guarantees you’ll always have the attack you need! This can lead to some devastating attacking turns via searching for cards like Dropkick Slicer, Villainous Waylay, or Gale Force Punch. Leveraging Kurogiri (II)’s new attacks like Dark Interruption (featured below) lets you play a spread of powerful 1 and 2 Check attacks without sacrificing his consistency. 

    Dark Interruption provides a lot of structural stability to the deck through its two Enhances and Breaker: 2. Being able to always draw a card is great, and the second Enhance lets you guarantee your next attack will work by discarding a high check value the next time you play a card!

    Dark Interruption has great synergy with Kurogiri (II)’s abilities as well. The ability to block from your hand and trigger Breaker: 2 and then attack them with the same copy of the card from your discard pile on your next turn provides consistent pressure on both player’s turns, making it difficult for your rival to always have strong defensive answers.


    Featuring all of your favorite Villains for the first time – My Hero Academia: League of Villains lets players join the League of Villains and show those Heroes what they are capable of!

    My Hero Academia: League of Villains can be seen for the first time at the Hero League Championship this month, but if you can’t make it make sure to attend a Pre-Release (starting February 24th) at a Local Game Store near you! https://play.mhacardgame.com/events