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  • Welcome to the seventh article highlighting the various characters in Set 4 of the My Hero Academia Collectible Card Game: League of Villains!

    This week, we’re covering the kindest member of the League of Villains, the duplicating powerhouse Twice (I)

    Twice may be as kind as villains come, but he doesn’t play nice when it comes to facing rivals. He comes packed with a high value deck that, true to his quirk, focuses on using extra copies of himself!

    Players looking for an all-rounder will appreciate Twice. He’s a jack-of-all-trades 6-hander with 27 health, meaning he can keep up well in both card advantage and sustainability. His access to Chaos, Good, and Water cards set Twice apart from the other villains while giving him powerful tools to work with.

    Twice’s Enhance boosts attacks played in multiples. The second copy of an attack played in a turn gets +2 speed and +2 damage. The ability commits to playing high quantities of solid attacks to keep getting boosts. 

    This powerful Enhance also makes pro hero Ectoplasm’s Ectoplasm Clones, which you can play up to 8 copies of, the perfect fit in a Twice deck! The attack also gets faster and stronger the more copies are already in the card pool, which can be devastating in combination with Twice’s Enhance! 

    The extra copies of Twice give you cards in the deck that check for 6, but they’re more than regular vanillas with a high check thanks to Twice’s Response!

    By Committing and discarding a character from the stage, Twice can reduce the damage of an attack by 2. This ensures that the extra copies of Twice can put in work to protect the main body. 

    Twice has plenty of high value cards that synergize with character cards, and the deck is all about getting incredible value from the other copies of himself with cards like Do I Know You? that can set up for his Response!

    Agile Drop is a key attack for any Twice deck. Its first Enhance gives it an extra speed and damage for every character card on your stage. The more copies of Twice that you’ve accumulated, the easier it is to get the drop on your rival!

    The second Enhance effect lets you discard 2 cards to add a copy of a card in your card pool from your discard pile to your hand. This effect has fantastic synergy with Twice’s Enhance, ensuring that you get those duplicate attacks to land devastating blows! 

    Twice’s next major attack is Double Trouble, which comes complete with Stun: 1 to make your opponent commit foundations early, and Echo to make use of Twice’s Enhance without the need for an actual second copy of Double Trouble.

    The first Enhance for Double Trouble lets you discard a card to draw a card, a simple filtering effect that just adds to the consistency of the Twice deck.

    The big highlight of Double Trouble is its Twice Enhance which lets you discard a character from your stage to use its Echo for free. Even when low on resources, Twice can deliver a clean finishing blow with just one attack! 

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