The UniVersus Game Network (UGN)

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  • The UniVersus Gaming Network (UGN) is maintained by Jasco Games to provide support for grass roots play globally. With a wide variety of play formats and unique customization options, participating organizations can create the My Hero Academia Collectible Card Game events that best suit their needs. 

    UGN stores are recognized as premier locations for MHA CCG organized play events and have access to the following benefits:

    • Exclusive Products – Get Jasco Games products exclusive to UGN stores, such as  Prerelease Promo Cards and Plus Ultra Tournament Kits. Eligibility for these products is based on the size and health of your UniVersus community.
    • Specialty Events – UGN stores with high levels of engagement can be given the opportunity to host unique Specialty Events such as Provisional Store Championships.
    • Exclusive Marketing Materials – UGN stores are given exclusive access to digital and physical marketing materials such as banners, posters, sign-up sheets and more!
    • Store and Event Locator Tools – Advertise your store through the UGN app to allow interested players to sign up for your events. 

    New to the Universus Gaming Network? We highly recommend watching our Organized Play Website Tutorial video. To watch, scan the following QR code or type this URL into your browser.

    Simple instructions:

    1. Go to (
    2. Create an account
    3. Create an organization (or multiple)
    4. Create an event
      1. Adjust the tournament rules to your liking
    5. Players can search for the event and signup themselves, or they can be added to the roster using their UGN email address
    6. Start your event in the pairings tab
    7. Input results round by round (players and TOs can input)

    UniVersus Gaming Network F.A.Q.

    Contact Info:

    Find us on Discord at where we’ll be happy to answer all of your questions!