Series 4, League of Villains – Sealed Play Events

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  • With the release of My Hero Academia CCG: League of Villains, stores worldwide are receiving the newest wave of tournament support promos this week — including the newest wave of “Extra Credit” Promo Cards! These foil alternate-art cards are only obtainable by playing Sealed events at your LGS, so make sure to attend!

    “Determined” lets you efficiently block with cards that share multiple symbols with your character, and also has a deadly Deadlock Enhance!
    “Drowning in Resentment” lets you buff your “Stun” attacks or weaken your Rival’s, as well as providing card pool clogging when they mess with their discard pile!
    “Enamored” is a 0-diff Foundation with a Low block which provides incidental value with abilities that ready foundations you control, such as “Himiko Toga II”.
    “Forcing Surrender” provides much-needed Momentum discard to many Combo strategies to help keep your Rival at bay! The Enhance is also very strong, as you can use it to clear face down cards from your card pool!
    “High Value Target” is great for defensive decks that want to “wall up”, as it counts as two foundations for blocking! On top of that, you can protect your higher value targets from destruction with the Response!
    “Infinite Potential” lets you change your Rival’s attacks to High when they attack! Being able to lean on this Response lets you deal with problematic Low Attacks with ease!
    “League Interview” provides additional resources for playing greedy! The First Form is at its best when leading with big 6 Difficulty attacks, and the Response lets you nudge bad defensive checks in the right direction.

    League of Villains is in stores now! Extra Credit Promos are arriving at LGS this week, so make sure to sign up for a Sealed Play event! Find an event near you here: