Provisional Store Championship Retailer FAQ

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  • What is a Provisional Store Championship?

    The Provisional Store Championship allows Universus Gaming Network (UGN) organizations everywhere to host store-level championships. Participating players will be able to earn exclusive Foil Promo cards and the winner of the event will receive their qualification to all National tier events! Each PSC kit is designed around a 16 player cap. If your local scene is larger than this, you are welcome to combine your kits into a single event to increase the max player cap of 48.

    (Note: If your turn-out requires you to combine kits, please provide proof via pictures / UGN event details so we can send you more kits for your other PSC events!)

    When are the Provisional Store Championships?

    Provisional Store Championships can be held at any time during Season 1 2023 (24MAR23 – 30JUN23). Stores can apply for up to 3 Provisional Store Championship events during the 3 month long season. We advise organizations to work with their player groups to find the best date(s) that work for everyone. 

    How do I apply or qualify to run a Provisional Store Championship event?

    You can apply today to run a PSC event at this link.

    We determine store eligibility based on the size of the store’s player group as measured by the UGN platform. Newer stores interested in growing their communities are also eligible, and should contact our team at and show their commitment to growing their communities in time for the Provisional Store Championship event.

    How much is it to play in a Provisional Store Championships?

    The suggested entry price is $15, however an organization may charge more or less. The organization is also authorized to add additional prizing. Should a store charge more than $15, it should be reflected in additional prizing. Our Provisional Store Championship kits include sufficient promo card prizing for a 16 player event. Specific prizing details to be announced at a later date.

    National Invites: The Provisional Store Championship will award invites to the Pro Hero Nationals for winners. If two or more kits are required for a turnout higher than 16 players, the 2nd place player will be awarded a Qualification for National Events. Additional prizing to be distributed evenly.

    Are you a player interested in a PSC event near you? Ask your local game store to apply! They can get started by creating an account and organization profile at: or by sending an email to