Organized Play Update #2

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    We’ve made an abundance of changes to the Organized Play structure for 2023. We wish to provide extra details and some of the intentions behind the changes that were based on community feedback.

    Redemption Changes

    We recently announced that both Plus Ultra Promos and Provisional Store Championship Promos would have a 60 day delay for being put onto the Loyalty Shop. The primary driver behind this decision is to encourage local play. There are countless retailers and players worldwide who are going above and beyond to build, manage and grow their own communities. These communities are the lifeblood of our game and we wish to award the retailers and players efforts by prioritizing in-store play. For the first two months of the Organized Play season, players will earn Loyalty Points from playing at their locals. Players can then pick up additional missing cards on May 1st, 2023 when the Plus Ultra and Provisional Store Championship Promos make their way to the Loyalty Shop or players can redeem their points at an in-person Regional License Exam event.

    Promo Legality

    The Plus Ultra Promos will be legal for play the moment players acquire them, the Provisional Store Championship Promos will not become legal until May 1st, 2023. 

    Provisional Store Championships

    As discussed, our biggest focus for 2023 is growing local play for players worldwide. Following the success of the Provisional Store Championships from last year, we decided to double down on this tier of event as the first step towards Premier Organized Play. The Provisional Store Championships (Or PSC) will be purely dedicated to local play. Each PSC will award victors the required qualification to compete at any National Championship event. This method of earning a qualification will be the majority of qualifications awarded throughout the year. Each approved Local Game Store will be eligible for up to three PSCs a season. Events with more than 16 players will have a second invite up for grabs and events with more than 32 players will have 4 invites awarded at that event. With up to 200 PSCs in North America, 100 PSCs in Europe/United Kingdom and 100 in Oceania per season, we are looking at 800 total qualified players. While there are a few other methods to earn your qualification into any National Championship, 800 slots are dedicated to players’ at local stores. We are excited to see teams of players travel to compete at multiple PSCs and create some friendly rivalries. Qualifications are not the only prize available at PSCs, the PSC exclusive Promos will be revealed at a later date as well!

    Qualifications for National Championships

    This year, we are requiring players to earn their qualification to compete at the National Championships. As stated above, the bulk of these qualifications will come from competing in PSCs at the local level. However, this is not the only way to earn your qualification. Any player who makes Top Cut at a Regional event will also earn their qualification into all National Championship tiered events. Players will be able to compete in Last Chance Qualifiers just before the National Championship events to earn their qualification. Having an exact number of qualifications possible ensures we can plan ahead and in turn, provide you with event information sooner so you may make travel arrangements well in advance.

    The Player Journey

    We want our players to get on a competitive adventure every set. Here is how the adventure will go:

    1. New set, means new cards! Gear up on these new cards and build new decks!

    • With the launch of a new set there are so many great opportunities for new deck building options!
    • Play in pre-release and sealed events to collect cards and build your new decks! Earn exclusive Pre-Release and Extra Credit promos for playing in these sealed events! More info
    • Bring those decks to your local Plus Ultra events and win even more cards to strengthen your decks! More info

    2. Compete to be the best in your area!

    • Provisional Store Championship events at LGS’ in your area will be an exciting battleground to test out your mettle PSC Retailer FAQ
    • Earn exclusive cards by participating in PSC events to continue to refine your decks in preparation for even bigger events!
    • Winners of PSC events have proven themselves worthy to receive invites to the National events at the end of the year!

    3. Get serious with Regional and Nationals

    • Time to refine your strategies, use in-person redemption at Regional events and the online redemption store (opening May 1st for Set 4 Plus Ultra and PSC cards) in order to pick up the missing pieces in your arsenal
    • Bring those decks to a Regional event near you – with 6 Regionals this season spread out globally and online, we hope there are one or more events you can compete at to really test out your skill. There are exclusive promo cards only available at Regional events that are up for grabs! More info
    • Once you’ve proven yourself at a Regional or a Provisional Store Championship, make sure to prepare yourself to face the best of the best at the Pro Hero National during the Championship Season at the end of the year!

    Additional Notes

    In case you missed it, we recently announced the prizing structure for all Regional Championship tier events during Season 1. The prizing structure can be found by clicking HERE

    The Season 1 OCE Regional License Exam has moved from in-person to online. While the event will be open to anyone, we will only offer National qualifications to the Top 16 (Potentially Top 32, depending on attendance) OCE players following day 1 of the event. Top Cut prizing will be handed out regardless of player home of record. Information about the Season 1 OCE RLE can be found HERE.

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