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  • After buying the Izuku Midoriya vs. Katsuki Bakugo Rival Deck, these are some next steps you can do to improve your new deck and step further into competitive play!

    Katsuki Bakugo’s Deck is built around using Fury attacks such as Blast Rush Turbo, Howitzer Impact and Long Lasting Explosion to push big damage at your Rival, as well as destroying your own Foundation cards to gain powerful effects!

    Use powerful one-time effects like Latent Skill, then destroy the foundation after with Bakugo to make your attacks stronger!

    Bakugo’s ability to destroy Foundations to deal extra damage is widely supported with cards like Burst Speed and Aggressive Temper that provide value when sent to the Discard Pile, as well as powerful one-time use effects like Latent Skill and Encouragement that you can destroy for extra damage after using their Enhances.

    Stun Grenade from My Hero Academia: Heroes Clash fits like a glove into the Bakugo Rival Deck!

    The first Enhance lets you stun your opponent more and more based off how many cards you’ve had leave your card pool! Since Bakugo lets you remove cards your opponent blocks, that means Stun Grenade can often come in with Stun:3 or even more!

    Secondly, Stun Grenade checks the top 3 cards of your deck for a Fury attack to add to your hand! Extending your attacking turns while taxing your opponent’s resources has never been easier!

    Howitzer Impact Cyclone from My Hero Academia: Crimson Rampage is a fantastic top-end finisher for finishing off your opponent with one last big attack!

    The Combo Enhance requires you to have played a Fury attack previously, so this slides nicely after a leading Fury attack like Long Lasting Explosion to earn you a free Momentum!

    Secondly, you can destroy 1 foundation to draw 1 card for each of your Momentum! Later in the game, Howitzer can draw you an entire new hand – and since it also has Powerful:3, you can use that Momentum to send a serious attack as well!

    Double Front Beat-Down provides incredible value for decks that can fully leverage it – and Bakugo’s got that covered!

    The Bakugo/Midoriya Enhance lets you discard the top two cards of your deck and build any foundations you find. Since those cards were discarded, this triggers the Response effects on cards like Burst Speed, and provides additional resources on your attacking turns when you need them most!

    Double Front Beat-Down as well as many other promo cards are obtainable through the Universus Game Network. Learn more about this program here, and how you can get more involved with your local community to snag some sweet cards!

    Example Decklist

    Katsuki Bakugo (I) was piloted to a top-cut finish by Travis Washburn in the 2023 Kissimmee, Florida RLE! You can find the deck list here:

    Kissimmee, FL RLE Top Cut Decks