My Hero Academia CCG Organized Play Formats Primer

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  • This quick guide will help you understand the official formats of play for the My Hero Academia CCG!


    In a sealed event, each player receives 6 packs and will form a deck using a minimum of 40 cards from those packs. The cards in your deck do not need to all share the same symbol with your character, but every card must share at least 1 symbol. If a player does not have enough cards to complete a 40-card deck, they may play a card that does not match symbols with their character face down as a 2-difficulty foundation with no text, and a +3 mid block modifier. (For this reason, we highly suggest players use sleeves if possible for a sealed event). These deviations from the standard deck building rules allow players to create decks from such few cards.

    Your starting character can be chosen from any character opened in one of your packs, a Quirk Pack character available, or additionally the venue may provide draft format characters for players to choose from which are returned to the store at the end of the event.

    In addition to the deck building alterations for sealed, there is one gameplay rule change as well: when you run out of cards in your deck, you only remove 5 cards from your deck instead of the standard 10 when you cycle your deck.

    Additionally, decks are not restricted to only 4 copies of a card as they would be in the constructed format. In limited formats such as Sealed and Draft, players may run as many copies of a given card as they open (or draft) from their packs.


    The draft format uses the same rules structure as in a sealed event, but with two major differences; you only use 6 packs in Draft, and you open your packs alongside other players and each time you select a card from your pack, you pass the remainder of the pack to the next player and continue until everyone has run out of cards.

    The first, third, and fifth packs opened are passed to each individual player’s left, and the second, fourth, and sixth packs are passed to the right of the player after they have selected their card.

    Plus Ultra Events

    Plus Ultra events are for players to bring their A-game! These events will be held using the standard deck building requirements for the My Hero Academia CCG, being a minimum 50 card deck and one character. Each participant will receive one Plus Ultra pack for showing up, containing one random card from a pool of Plus Ultra cards for that series.

    An additional pack will be given to the Winner and the Judge after the event, unique to each of those people. The Judge pack contains one card from a smaller pool from the same Plus Ultra cards from that series, but stamped with a foil JUDGE icon! The Winner pack contains one card from a different pool of cards from the same Plus Ultra series, but with a VICTORY stamp instead.