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    The Loyalty Program awards Loyalty Points (LP) to players who participate in events and purchase product! Spend your LP to redeem items such as non-foil tournament promos, pre release promos and more from our Loyalty Shop.

    Players also have the ability to send in their pack wrappers (Pack Redemption) to earn additional Loyalty Points!

    Our Loyalty Program is hosted on the UGN Organized Play WebApp. Create an account and participate in events to start banking your LP! Both tournament organizers and players can host, track and manage Organized Play events using any device that can access a web browser.

    If you are a player or a collector, you have options to obtain the cards you want!

    How to Earn Points

    Participating in Organized Play

    Players can earn points by participating in tournaments! From weekly kitchen table tournaments to the top level of competitive play at Nationals, players will accumulate Loyalty Points by playing in these events!

    NOTE: Dropping from a LGS tier event and lower will forfeit participation Loyalty Points.

    Event TierParticipation Points
    Local Game Store (LGS)50
    Provisional Showdown100
    Regional License Exam200
    Pro Hero National300

    Casual: Players can earn points from up to 1 Casual Tournament a week. Anyone can host.
    LGS: Players can earn points from up to 5 LGS Tournaments a week. Only Approved LGSs can host LGS tiered events. To get approved, the LGS owner / manager will need to create an Organization from within their profile. Once the application is completed, a Jasco Games OP rep will reach out. If you need help, please email: Community@jascogames.com

    NOTE: Anything higher than LGS tier event will require Jasco Games approval.
    NOTE: The week resets on Sunday at Midnight (PST)

    Pack Redemption

    Players have the ability to send in pack wrappers to obtain Loyalty Points. Players are required to fill out a form stating how many packs they are redeeming at a time. The player will earn one (1) Loyalty Point per pack wrapper sent in this way. (Min 30, increments of 30)

    NOTE: Players will be responsible for shipping the pack wrappers

    Loyalty Shop

    Once you’ve accumulated enough Loyalty Points, you can visit the Loyalty Shop! Players will have the ability to trade in their Loyalty Points whenever they desire!*

    *Loyalty Shop contents and prices are subject to change.

    PromoLaunch PriceReduced Price
    Non-Foil Pre Release Promo Card60 Loyalty Points45 Loyalty Points
    (When Next Set Launches)
    Non-Foil Plus Ultra Tournament Pack Card60 Loyalty Points45 Loyalty Points
    (When Next Set Launches)
    Non-Foil Provisional Showdown Tournament Pack Card80 Loyalty Points50 Loyalty Points
    (Season After Legal)