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  • My Hero Academia Collectible Card Game Deck Loadable Content Series 4: Chibi Mania character cards have been revealed!

    This DLC features fan favorite heroes with new abilities and an adorable “chibi” aesthetic! The new Character cards all have a theme of playing multiple copies of Character cards in your deck to unlock their full potential. Each of them use extra character cards in your deck to create advantages in different ways, such as Eraser Head drawing cards every time he blocks with a copy of himself, or Katsuki Bakugo discarding Character cards to remove attacks from your card pool!

    Below, we’ve broken down the new characters and what you can expect from them.

    Izuku Midoriya’s new Character is a reasonable 6 hand size 28 health frame, with an identity all about playing lots of Character Cards to empower straight forward, powerful attacks.

    The first Enhance lets your Kick and Punch attacks get free damage based off how many Characters you have in play. While even with one free damage it feels good, playing multiple Characters to give each of your attacks significant damage bonuses with no cost feels great!

    The Once Per Turn Response is gated behind Kicks and Punches, but the pay off is worth the trouble. Every turn when you play a Kick or Punch, you can either give it Stun:2 or Breaker:2. Stunning your Rival out during your turn is always a solid approach when you’re the aggressive player, but being able to use those same cards to slow your Rival during their turn can be pivotal.

    Lastly, the second Enhance is a nice Once Per Game to help push over the finish line. Later in the game after playing enough Characters, you can draw upwards of four cards off this Enhance — more than enough to bury your Rival in cards!

    Katsuki Bakugo’s new Character has a simple plan on his mind — all out aggression! As a fragile 7-hander, Bakugo wants to leverage his two Enhance effects to blow his Rivals to bits before they can assemble their own strategies.

    His first Enhance defines his strategy — you can Discard another Katsuki Bakugo Character from your hand to boost your attack and remove a Fury attack from your card pool! This lets you essentially “cheat” your progressive difficulty as long as you have Characters to discard.

    His second Enhance plays into this theme, being able to flip 3 foundations you control to draw 2 cards. You can either use this to extend your turn if you’ve been discarding characters to keep attacking, or to draw cards on your Rival’s turn to hold on when all seems lost!

    Shoto Todoroki’s new Character wants to drag out your Rival’s resources, because he gets stronger and stronger based off how many Foundations they have committed!

    As a 7-hander, he won’t be taking too many hits on the chin, but his two powerful Enhance abilities keep him safe from harm.

    His first Enhance allows him to discard a Character from your stage to commit and freeze a rival foundation. If you are able to spend your early turns stacking Character cards on your stage, you can commit your Rival’s problematic foundations to ensure a clean win when you’re ready to go for the knock-out!

    His second Enhance follows up on this theme — once per turn, Shoto can give an attack + or – X damage, where X is the number of committed foundations your Rival controls, with a max of 5.

    If your opponent commits out during their turn to launch a big attack, you can give it -5 damage! Even better, when you send an attack at them next turn, it’ll come with with a +5 damage bonus as well!

    Eraser Head returns as a 5 Hander for the first time! He has three abilities which between them, sculpt Eraser Head into a terrifying force to be reckoned with on attack and defense.

    His first ability is a static which reduces the difficulty of all your “Eraser Head” cards by 3, allowing extra Character Cards to be played from your hand at a drastically reduced difficulty, which provides immense value through his other two abilities.

    His first Enhance is how he becomes a threat — your attacks get stronger if you have non-attack cards in your card pool (such as a 2 difficulty “Eraser Head” Character), and if you attack twice, your next attack ignores Progressive Difficulty!

    Lastly, his Response ties the entire kit together. When you play a Character, you get to draw two cards and seal a troublesome foundation, removing its text for the turn! It’s important to remember that blocking with a Character will also trigger this Response.

    My Hero Academia Chibi Mania DLC releases on April 7th, 2023! Pre-order at your Local Game Store!

    You can look for a store or an in-store event using our UniVersus Gaming Network: https://play.mhacardgame.com