League Of Villains Dabi Character Spotlight

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  • Welcome to the second of many articles highlighting the various Characters within Set 4 of the My Hero Academia Collectible Card Game: League of Villains!

    Let’s get things cookin’ with Dabi‘s brand new, fiery-hot kit!

    Dabi is an offensive powerhouse with two Enhance effects that both revolve around removing your own cards from play to get the upper-hand over your rivals. However, Dabi can’t get those cards back — you’ll need to be strategic in using his effects to not run out of steam too early.

    His first Enhance is pretty simple —burn through your deck to burn through your rival! Many of Dabi’s new cards such as Flame Flicker (featured below) also grow progressively stronger for each card you’ve Removed! 

    As a general reminder, Removed cards do not “cycle” back into your deck when you run out of cards. As soon as you start using Dabi’s Enhance, you’re on a clock — you’ll need to take down your rival before you have no cards left to work with.

    Dabi’s second Enhance is what truly makes him unique. Once per turn, during your turn, you can remove an Action from your hand to replace it with an Action from your discard pile that matches two or more of Dabi’s symbols.

    There are a ton of great cards from previous sets that synergize very well with this ability. Think of cards like Summon Dark Shadow, Concentrate, Sugar Rush Power-Up, and Capture Evil-Doers. The flexibility of Dabi’s second Enhance will make it easy to pick the best action for every situation. 

    But this does beg the question — what are the NEW Action cards Dabi has access to?

    Introducing your new favorite Action card, Cremation.

    This new action card for Dabi is a banger – giving your attacks speed always feels great, and it’s important to note that Cremation’s health drain can reduce your rival to 0 life – even on their turn!

    On top of that, the Response is great too – being able to effectively guarantee having at least one momentum going into your second turn feels great since Dabi can also grab cards like Capture Evil-Doers to spend that momentum at the same time!

    Flame Flicker

    Leading with an attack like Twisting Azure Inferno and buffing it with Cremation should set you up perfectly to play Flame Flicker, as Flame Flicker’s Combo Enhance clears your card pool and gives you a momentum to play with at the same time!

    The second Enhance is where Flame Flicker’s power is on full display. Dabi’s ability to burn through his deck will pay tremendous dividends later in the game as Flame Flicker powers up. A late-game Flame Flicker can easily reach over 10 speed; good luck trying to block that attack!

    Featuring all of your favorite Villains for the first time – My Hero Academia: League of Villains lets players join the League of Villains and show those Heroes what they are capable of!

    My Hero Academia: League of Villains can be seen for the first time at the Hero League Championship this month, but if you can’t make it make sure to attend a Pre-Release at a Local Game Store near you!

    We can’t wait to see what kinds of interesting and exciting combos you have in store for these cards. Stay tuned — there are many more Set 4 previews to come!