Intro to Advanced Deck Building

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  • Starting this week we are going to begin a series of advanced deck building articles for some characters in Series 1 that we’ve received requests for help building. These decks may not each be extremely competitive, but they should help to get you back on the path to winning! We will be using for the deck builds, and each deck will be publicly available for viewing through the site on the same account.

    These deck builds will each be on different symbols to try and highlight the differences, but by no means is that us trying to tell you what the best symbol is for each character. The My Hero Academia CCG has lots of options for each character, and generally there is no one “best” symbol for each character. You can explore lots of options, and even bring a different version of your favourite character to your local game shop each week!

    With each article we will go over a few essential choices when building your own deck. These include deciding which symbol is best for your deck, if your deck should be more than the minimum of 50 cards, and let’s not forget that some symbols have access to some actions and assets so we’ll have to figure out how to slot those in accordingly as well. 

    Additionally, lots of players have had problems identifying how many copies of a given card to run in a deck. A 0 difficulty foundation that synergizes with your character is an easy card to run 4 copies of, but what about a unique 2 difficulty foundation that works well, but not astoundingly with your character? What if you reshape your game plan AROUND that card? There is a lot more work that goes in to the creation of a deck than some would expect, so it is crucial that you make the right choices both in game and out of the game.

    We are going to start off with our two rival decks, Izuku Midoriya and Katsuki Bakugo. These two characters have access to twice as many cards as every other character in Series 1, so we will have to start by discussing which cards won’t make the final cut and which cards to focus on to create a competitive deck!

    We hope you check out our advanced deck building articles over the coming weeks, and we welcome any experienced players to give advice through the comments of these articles as well.