Heroes Clash Teasers!

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  • Good day to all you MHA CCG fans out there! I’m really excited to be writing this message to you all. I’m a big fan of card games, including following a certain other Head Game Designer’s regular blog posts before a big release. So I asked our media department, and got the go ahead to write up this list, in an effort to emulate another designer I regard very highly. 

    We’re getting ready to start previews for the next expansion of the My Hero Academia CCG, but before we do, I wanted to give you some insight into what you’ll be seeing over the coming weeks. So I hope you’ll enjoy my MaRo style preview teasers for Heroes Clash!

    Things you can expect to see in Heroes Clash:

    • A cycle of attacks that gain Stun: 2.
    • A cycle of foundations that destroy a foundation for a cost.
    • 3 new Terrain assets.
    • A card that breaks deck building rules.
    • A long-awaited character!
    • A common attack with Powerful: 4.
    • A card that helps a “Sticky” archetype.
    • A new (old) effect class joins the game!
    • A character that uses counters!
    • An attack with printed 10 damage.

    Game Text on cards in Heroes Clash:

    • Deadlock Enhance: Your rival loses 1 health for each Ranged attack in your card pool.
    • Enhance: This attack gets +1 damage for every 3 foundations in your rival’s stage.
    • Enhance Commit 1 foundation: This attack gets +1 damage and +1 to its EX rating.  This enhance is playable any number of times this Enhance Step. 
    • After you block a high attack with this card, it deals no damage.
    • Deadlock Enhance Flip: Ready 2 foundations. Add the top card of your deck to your momentum.
    • Enhance Commit, name a card type: Discard the top card of your rival’s deck. If it is the named type, your attack gets +3 speed. 
    • Enhance Commit: If there are at least two different attack zones in your card pool, your next check to play a card gets +2.
    • Enhance Discard 1 card: This attack gets +1 speed and gains Stun:1
    • Enhance Discard 1 momentum: This attack gets -3 speed.
    • Enhance Remove 1 Weapon card from your discard pile: Your rival loses 1 health. This ability cannot reduce your rival to below 1 health.
    • Deadlock Response: After an attack is played, it gets +2 speed.
    • Deadlock Enhance Commit: Your Kick, Punch or Slam attack gets +3 damage and gains Throw.

    Some Keyword Combinations:

    • Charge · Slam  ·  Tech
    • Breaker: 1 · Charge · Fury
    • Punch · Combo (Mid Attack, Mid Attack)
    • Powerful 3 · Weapon  ·  Combo (Weapon, Combo)
    • Slam  ·  Stun: 1

    Hope you enjoyed these insights to Heroes Clash! I can’t wait to see what amazing and creative decks you all dream up with this new expansion. Let’s have a fun preview season! 

    -Timothy Frie