Hero League Championship Recap

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  • The Hero League Championship was a huge success! The strongest MHACCG players from all around the world met together in Las Vegas, Nevada to battle for their cut of the $250,000 prize purse as well as to immortalize themselves as the Number One Hero!

    League of Villains World Premier

    The World Premier of League of Villains was a wonder to behold — the energy in the room was downright electric! Over 100 players gathered to get a look at League of Villains in its entirety for the first time, and the air was thick with excitement as players built decks with cards they’d never seen before!

    If you missed out on the World Premier, worry not! Local Game Stores all around the world are running Pre-Release events for League of Villains, you can find them on the UGN: https://play.mhacardgame.com/events

    Voice Actor Signings

    Over the weekend, we brought in the Voice Actors for Denki (Kyle Phillips), Mt. Lady (Jamie Marchi), and Eraserhead (Christopher Wehkamp)!

    Everyone got a chance to get their favorite cards signed — life is good!

    Love in Universus??? 😍

    After his match in Top 8 of the Hero League Championship, Keenan Meadows proposed to Ashley Fullerton during his post-game interview… and she said yes!

    And remember, Ashley is the 2019 Universus World Champion — what a power couple!

    HLC Main Event

    The Hero League Championship’s main event was incredible to watch. As the day progressed we saw an incredible diversity of strategy, ending in a top 8 with five different characters in it!

    From merciless, all-in aggro decks like Tokoyami to defensive, late-game strategies like Recovery Girl, there were a lot of favorites to root for.

    Kevin Broberg’s run with Midnight was incredible, ending in a to-the-wire match against Philip Chybiorz’s Jiro, leaving Broberg on top! (And $125,000 richer 😲)

    Congratulations Kevin Broberg for becoming the 2022 Hero League Champion!

    You can find the deck lists for Top 32 here:

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