Meet Frank Debrito MHACCG’s Head of Organized Play

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  • Jasco Games has appointed KONAMI’s former Organized Play Manager Frank Debrito as Head of Organized Play for the My Hero Academia CCG, a role in which he will spearhead Jasco’s competitive tournaments.

    Prior to Jasco Games, Frank has been in the TCG/CCG industry for over 20 years. He spent the last 12 years as a member of the Yu-Gi-Oh! Organized Play team at KONAMI, most recently as the Organized Play Manager. In addition to his behind the scenes experience, he has experience as a Tournament Organizer (tournaments ranging from 4 to 4,400 players), Event Manager, Scorekeeper, Head Judge, all other roles at an event, and as a player at both casual events and competitive national level events. He has worked alongside hundreds of local gaming stores over the last decade, working individually with each store to help them grow their events and work with them towards hosting more prestigious events.

    “Frank Debrito is truly the King of Games, when it comes to organized play,” said Alex Alexopoulos, Jasco Games’ COO in a release, before going to explain: “the My Hero Academia Collectible Card Game could not be in better hands given Frank’s unbridled knowledge of the gaming industry and his finger on pulse of the TCG/CCG player base pertaining to their collectible & gaming needs.”

    Debrito’s appointment as Head of Organized Play coincided with the launch of the My Hero Academia in October.  Together, Jasco Games and Debrito are preparing to unveil the exciting plans for the 2022 season of organized play in the coming weeks!