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  • The heroes of Class 1-A, joined by the Symbol of Peace All Might, continue the fight for justice in the My Hero Academia CCG Deck-Loadable Content box! This DLC box is a great addition to your collection, and provides support for characters and decks from the base set, as well as brand new cards and strategies to battle your friends! Purchase two and you’ll have a playset of every card, as well as extra characters to share with friends.

    “Just believe in yourself, and you can become a hero!” – All Might

    This version of All Might forces your rival to make tough decisions on when to block his mighty punches. All of your attacks get +2 damage, and if that attack is blocked your next attack will become more powerful. Then, by discarding one momentum, you can draw up to two cards if your rival chooses not to block. This gives All Might the chance to draw even more attacks and continue pummeling his rival.

    Mighty Punch has a similar ability to All Might, drawing two cards if it isn’t blocked. Combined with All Might’s second enhance, this means you can draw up to 4 cards if your rival doesn’t block it. But with a whopping 7 damage, that isn’t a choice your rival will make lightly! If your rival dares to go into Deadlock, a huge chunk of their deck will go straight to the discard pile!

    All Might’s foundation, Staggering Positivity, keeps pumping up your damage, and shuffles up to 3 cards from your discard pile back into your deck!

    “Giving up isn’t an option for me!” – Ochako Uraraka

    The gravity defying hero Uravity returns with a brand new character card! She shares the air and chaos symbols of her previous version but switches out the life symbol for death. This lets her now use cards from Eraser Head, Bakugo, and even the villainous Shigaraki and Nomu.

    Ochako’s once per turn response is incredibly powerful and complements her playstyle of looping her attack cards multiple times. She is able to clear a successful non-throw attack from your card pool back into your hand, and make your next attack easier to play. This pairs extremely well with Meteor Shower, which can then be put back into your hand again after being put into your momentum! Throw your rival for a zero-g spin!

    Ochako’s new attack, Float Combo, combos with another high attack, and will still do 1 damage even if fully blocked! This lets you use Ochako’s response ability to pick the card up and play it again for even more damage! Her foundation, First Day of Class, ensures that your chain of attacks starts strong, giving your next attack plus 2 to its check when used during your first attack. The response ability can also be used in response to itself, flipping and readying itself to be used again. It also works great against stun attacks!

    “I have to stand up! Never again will they, or my brother, leave me behind in the dust!” – Tenya Iida

    The Class 1-A President races back onto the battlefield with a brand new character card. Swapping out the fire symbol for earth, Iida can now use cards used by All Might and Eijiro Kirishima. Once per turn Iida can replace a card in his hand to give his attack up to 4 extra speed! Then, if your attack’s speed is doubled, it gets an extra 2 damage. Combine this with Heroic Lineage, and you can potentially give your attack a massive plus 4 speed and damage!

    Between Recipro Extend and Engine Rush, Iida already has some of the best attacks in the game, and High Engine Kick continues that trend! On top of its amazing stats, its enhance lets it reach up to EIGHT extra speed as soon as it hits the field. Not only is this great for Iida, but his homeroom teacher, Eraser Head, might enjoy it as well…

    Iida’s foundation mirrors his character’s enhance, giving an attack with double speed an extra 2 damage. Iida’s offensive potential is extremely powerful, and his rivals can only hope they’re fast enough to see him before he strikes.

    “This class is intense…” – Tsuyu Asui

    Rounding out the class is Tsuyu Asui, trading the air symbol for evil. Her enhance punishes your rival for not blocking by giving her next attack an extra 2 speed. Then, by discarding a card from her rival’s card pool, like a block that was used on her previous attack, she gives her current attack an extra four damage. This synergy between both her enhance abilities forces her rival into a difficult decision with every attack.

    Her attack, Tongue Whip, gets more powerful the more her rival tries to block. Use the bottom enhance to clog your rival’s card pool, and then combine it with her second character enhance! Lastly, her foundation, First Villain Encounter, gives your current attack 1 extra speed and damage, and your next attack minus 1 difficulty just for committing itself.

    Look forward to joining Class 1-A for yourself with the My Hero Academia CCG Deck-Loadable Content box coming soon!