December 2022 Ban & Errata List Update

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    Following a rigorous Nationals season, we’ve analyzed gameplay data and have found certain decks to have outlier win percentages, whilst either having incredibly high power floors or ceilings. Given the tournament and locals data we’ve been collecting, we’ve decided to make these additions to the Banned & Errata list to balance out the format and open up more characters into the meta. These changes will be effective Monday, December 12th 2022.

    Crow & Frog Takedown – Banned

    This attack brings great stability to the decks it’s strong in, helping to end games much quicker and bring less stress on the attacker’s resources. The decks where this card is most problematic tend to be decks trying to end the game much earlier than we are comfortable with. Winning the game on early turns is a viable strategy, but this card increases the consistency to achieve that result by an unhealthy margin.

    Stronger In Darkness – Banned

    While this only works for a small portion of characters, it is simply too strong for its low risk of play. Compared to the similarly shaped Basic Training was the (#) most played card at the Pro Hero Nationals in Dallas, Stronger in Darkness is drastically stronger in characters who can take advantage of it. It is much more comparable to cards such as Bench Press or Making A Stand, cards that have a higher difficulty and impact on deck building.

    Kirishima 2 – Errata’d

    “Enhance [Twice Once per turn] Destroy 1 foundation: Build 1 card from your hand face down. Draw 1 card. Your attack gets +2 damage.”

    Kirishima’s consistency is higher than where we would like him to be, so we’re trimming his effectiveness a bit. His enhance being Once per turn will help ensure he sees less cards and has access to less ready cards over a turn cycle.

    We appreciate your ongoing support of the My Hero Academia CCG and will continue to work towards creating fun and engaging gameplay experiences across all player types.

    Thank you,
    Jasco Games™ Team