Character Intro: Tenya Iida

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  • Tenya Iida BURSTS on to the scene in the My Hero Academia CCG! 

    You can collect his cards in booster packs from Series 1.

    “The Class Representative’s duty is to lead others! Be concise, clear, and confident” – Tenya Iida

    Iida’s quirk, Engine, gives him mechanical engines that protrude from his calves and bestow him with sudden bursts of speed for incredible kicking power. His character card enables you to act quicker than your rival, gaining the first enhance during your rival’s attacks! His speed doesn’t just mean efficient plays, because he can apply a substantial speed bonus or penalty to an attack and even force down your rival’s board during your attack.

    His assertive and stern personality shines through in his gameplay with his capability to command the enhance phase, as well as the ability to take foes down quicker than most. Let’s rush in to his cards and see how he can win the fight!

    “He was able to get everyone’s attention and get everyone in line!” – Izuku Midoriya

    His ability to act first during the enhance phase likely brings the question of how best to press the advantage, so let’s take a look at his foundations that give him command of the fight.

    Fulfilled My Duty is the cornerstone of Tenya’s defensive gameplan. The ability to skip the enhance phase on any attack is never to be underestimated, and can make many attacks not seem meek ! If you need to get through your rival’s foundations, then Tenya’s ability as a Natural Leader is exactly what you are looking for. Careful use of this card, and a bit of studying your opponent, can help ensure that you don’t lose your footing.

    Tenya isn’t all about control of the game of course, and the versatile Heroic Lineage of the Iida Family provides exactly what Tenya needs when he needs it. If your rival makes an attack threatening, this will help protect you. If you need to throw a huge haymaker before the enhance phase has even begun, this card will help you out.

    “My actions are also the shape of my dreams.” – Tenya Iida

    Iida’s attack suite packs quite the kick, and these kicks benefit greatly from the speed pump that his Engine can give him.

    Recipro Extend is a fantastic utility attack for any Iida deck. While the power of it is nothing noteworthy, it works great as a setup strike to open a string of kick attacks. Its ability to boost your following attack is especially useful when you have an attack that you would like to improve before your rival even can play a single enhance, such as Engine Rush which can end its own Enhance Step at your whim to prevent any meddling by your rival.

    If your rival tries to build up their defenses to fight against your substantial speed, then Flying Thruster Kick has got exactly what you need. Its Deadlock ability to fuel your momentum can be a gamechanger, especially with the EX keyword appearing on 3 of his 4 attacks!

    That’s just about wraps up the spotlight on Tenya Iida, and you can look forward to playing as him and showing the competition the emergency exit in the My Hero Academia CCG, coming this November!