Character Intro: Ochaco Uraraka

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  • Ochaco Uraraka drops the GRAVITY of the My Hero Academia CCG, and you can collect her cards in the booster packs of Series 1.

    “I’ll focus on working just as hard as he does!” – Ochaco Uraraka

    Uraraka’s quirk, Zero Gravity, allows her to remove the effects of gravity on an object or person by touching them with her fingers, effectively making the target weightless. When she activates her ability on her own attack, it will float directly over to her momentum without having to wait for the end of the turn. She can easily pick back up an attack that she has floating in her momentum, even if she just added it there this turn!

    Her biggest motivating factor is the willpower of her peers, and she refuses to get left behind! Inspired by Midoriya’s seemingly endless ambition, she forces herself forward against adversity and finds increasingly creative ways to use her quirk when backed against the wall. She is carrying the weight of her family’s well- being on her shoulders, and she has strong Wealthy Aspirations to become a pro hero to help her family and loved ones.

    “Giving up isn’t an option for me!” – Ochaco Uraraka

    Some of Uraraka’s attacks have additional abilities while they are floating in your momentum, such as Zero Gravity Capture being able to drop an additional +3 damage on one of your attacks. Successfully juggling the abilities in your momentum, and using them correctly when your rival is not prepared, can be your key to victory when playing as Uraraka!

    Zero Gravity Lift is an excellent setup attack that can help your attack strings come together a lot easier. A simple use of this would be to add it to your momentum with Uraraka, then to remove it on your following attack to make that attack float to your momentum after it resolves. This keeps your card pool free and will let you push even further than you could have otherwise. 

    If you would rather keep your attacks in your card pool, you can unleash a huge Home Run Comet at the end of your attack string to get a Powerful ability that might even make All Might jealous! With its ability to generate momentum from your stage combined with Uraraka’s own momentum, you need to be very careful when fighting against Uraraka to not get launched to the moon.

    “INFINITY?! How’s that possible?” – Denki Kaminari

    Zero Gravity can be put to great use defensively as well. You can use her Infinite Potential to negate the gravity on your rival’s attack to swap it to high zone so as to not get caught off-guard. This card conveniently includes a great high block itself, so it encourages running multiple copies to work well with itself!

    Uraraka’s defensive abilities aren’t exclusively limited to floating her opponent’s, either. She has found creative ways of floating various objects or even herself in order to evade attacks. This comes to like with the fantastic card, Release. This card can help you during all times in the game, just be sure to not over-use it and end up vomiting all of your foundations into your discard pile!

    How you put Uraraka’s deck together is up to you, and you can focus on different aspects of her abilities based on how you would like to play! You can build your own deck around keeping a neat and clean card pool, or you could focus on momentum generation in order to try and blow away enemies with huge attacks. Some of her classmates may even have cards that synergize well with her to amplify her abilities, but that is a discussion for another day.

    You can look forward to playing as Ochaco Uraraka and floating the competition away in the My Hero Academia CCG, coming this November!