Character Intro: Nomu (U.S.J.)

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  • Nomu BARRAGES through all comers in the My Hero Academia CCG! 

    The bio-engineered anti-symbol of peace is available in booster packs from Series 1.

    I’m not the final boss. He is.– Tomura Shigaraki

    Nomu is the result of extensive body experimentation and DNA injections, and as such he has received multiple quirks with the express purpose of defeating All Might. Aside from his obvious hulking strength, the two most prominent of Nomu’s quirks are Super Regeneration, and Shock Absorption. The intention of these are for Nomu to be able to take a Detroit Smash straight to his face and keep punching back, and he works just the same in the My Hero Academia CCG!

    Every single one of Nomu’s attacks are guaranteed to pack an absolute wallop, so his opponents need to be able to avoid everything he throws at them or they are going to end up in the hospital faster than Nomu can string together a coherent sentence! Conversely, Nomu barely needs to hold a block himself. If he does not block a single time during the game and only relies on his Response ability to carry him through, then he still needs to get hit by a minimum of 6 attacks to be taken down, and that certainly cannot be done in just one turn!

    “I think he’s as strong as All Might” – Eraser Head

    Nomu’s attacks each give him strong advantages for his playstyle to help him assert his dominance over his rival. Gale Force Punch and Merciless Rush each destroy his rival’s foundations in a different manner. Gale Force Punch simply requires you to currently have less foundations than your rival, which is pretty easy to do when you are a 5 hand size character, and this is in addition to it generally being quite fast and a huge 12 damage. If a character whose maximum health is 20 is facing down even one Gale Force Punch each turn, they are going to be in a rough situation having to block it! Merciless Rush takes this strategy a bit further by putting Nomu’s rival in a lose/lose situation of either having to take 10 damage to the face, or to destroy a foundation, and certainly neither of these choices are ideal. Well, they sure are ideal for Nomu!

    Nomu’s Ultra Rare attack is Relentless Barrage, and it just gets stronger for the longer the game goes on! Every copy of Relentless Barrage in Nomu’s discard pile becomes a more increasing threat that he can continue to unleash every single turn, and for no less than a huge 9 damage each! At only 3 speed this attack is fairly easy to block but that isn’t the end of the game for Nomu as his attacks will just keep coming over and over, and since this is his flashiest move that may mean that his rival will be keeping mid blocks all game and will walk into a huge Berserker Blow when they aren’t expecting it!


    Three of Nomu’s most prominent abilities are represented across his foundations, Brute Strength, Super Regeneration, and Shock Absorption! Brute Strength allows Nomu to push even further to take out someone with only a couple of hits! Destroying a foundation or losing a health to deal an extra damage may not seem to be the most ideal strategy, but does that extra health really matter when you are winning on this turn anyway? If you really do need to get some of that health back, then Super Regeneration has your back covered. Furthering Nomu’s desire to just apathetically take attacks directly to the chest and not care, this will help Nomu stay alive longer than he has any right to.

    Speaking of apathetically, allow me to present Nomu’s most competitive foundation. Apathetic allows him to take on anyone regardless of what defenses they have! If your rival has defenses to reduce your Gale Force Punch down from a whopping 12 damage, you can simply flip it and get rid of it permanently. Speed reduction? Extra draw power? A key foundation that is necessary to their game plan? Each and every one of those will be face down, as Nomu simply does not care what his rival has to say.

    Even at only being a 5 hand size character, Nomu is one of the most explosive characters in series 1 of the My Hero Academia CCG! If you enjoy keeping your opponent on the backfoot and continuously applying pressure, then Nomu is the character for you!

    You can pick up packs of Series 1 of the My Hero Academia CCG in order to pummel everyone you meet with the Anti-Symbol of Peace: Nomu!