Character Intro: Momo Yaoyorozu

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  • Momo Yaoyorozu creates a new way to play in the My Hero Academia CCG! Collect her cards and more in the Series 1 booster packs.

    “Start with the basics and devote oneself wholeheartedly to learning, it’s the only way to become a top hero.”

     – Momo Yaoyorozu

    Momo Yaoyorozu is a dedicated, kind, natural leader to the other members of Class 1A. Although her genius intellect is not her quirk, it only enhances its use; “Creation” allows her to convert lipids within her body into non-living material of any kind, as long as she understands and can replicate the molecular structure of the material she’s creating. 

    Use Momo’s character card to “create” weapons and build crucial foundations and assets on the fly! Her enhance allows her to build in foundations that are in her card pool on offense and defense, making her extremly deft at keeping an empty card pool for more blocks and attacks!
    Once per turn, she can add a Weapon card from her discard pile to her hand, giving her limitless options for what she can do. 

    One of only 4 freshman students to have been admitted on recommendation, Momo is expected to be a star pupil at UA. Quick thinking and smart planning allow her to keep on top of her studies, and using Quick Creation, you can modify the damage of an attack and fuel Momo’s top enhance! Should your rival go beyond into deadlock, commit this versatile asset to double the speed and damage of your weapon attack, and pack a wallop! 

    “Wait, your clothes got super punk!” – Kyoka Jiro

    Momo knows her quirk alone can’t subdue villains, so she became a student of hand weapon combat, Bukijutsu. Slam your rival with Staff Strike, drawing a card for each foundation in your card pool. If you plan ahead and meet the combo requirement, the pay-off can be devastating, allowing your next 2 Weapon cards to be played without adding in progressive difficulty! Use the Powerful ability to create a world where your rival is at 0 health!

    “This girl has a good eye on her!” – All Might

    Any budding hero-to-be knows that they should Start With The Basics, and the basics of the My Hero Academia CCG tell us that adding speed and damage to our Weapon attacks are a good thing! Knowledge is power, kindness is preservation, and beauty is a Weapon—this Rising Starlet uses all the tools at her disposal (including her good looks!) to get ahead of the competition. This card lets you gain 1 health after building it (whether or not it is with Momo’s enhance!) and flips to double up on Momo’s own effect, allowing other characters to use a facsimile of her own ability. 

    Creativity is key when playing Momo, and using her support, the sky is the limit! Build your deck using the All symbol to fill your hand with resources, or the Good symbol if you’d like stock up on valuable foundations to convert into creations later.

    Remember to start with the basics when you get into the My Hero Academia CCG, available now!