Character Intro: Minoru Mineta

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  • Minoru Mineta STICKS all adversaries in the My Hero Academia CCG!

    You can collect the Fresh-Picked Hero’s cards in booster packs from Series 1.

    What do you mean “FIGHT”, are you CRAZY?!– Minoru Mineta

    Minoru Mineta’s quirk, Pop Off, allows him to produce sticky balls from his head that he can remove at will. These balls will stick to all surfaces that they are adhered to, except for Mineta himself, as he just bounces off. If he Pops Off several balls too quickly he begins to bleed from his scalp, so he needs to be careful to not waste his uses.

    Mineta’s primary game plan is to clog up his rival’s card pool and slow them down as quickly as possible, be it on his turn or their turn. His response ability is quite potent, but it does require more tact than it appears at face value. If he commits down a few rival foundations as they are attacking him and he can’t take advantage of it on his following turn, then he has essentially harmed himself for little reason. Knowing when to and when not to use this response ability will go a long way towards making you an efficient Mineta master! 

    His bottom enhance ability goes a long way in helping his survivability, letting him stick down the speediest characters and force them to play at his speed. Well-timed use of this ability can force some of the strongest around to have to admit the superiority of Minoru Mineta!

    “I had a big poop this morning, which makes my balls even stickier.” – Minoru Mineta

    Mineta’s sticky balls are surprisingly strong, and in large quantities they certainly are uncomfortable for anyone to deal with. Mineta’s offensive turns hinge on if he can get a card in his rival’s card pool in order to get his free +2 damage to work consistently, and Eat My Sticky Balls is the key to get him there! Whether this attack is blocked or not, there will always be a card in his rival’s card pool to slow down their defenses and force through some extra damage from mineta’s enhance!

    Grape Rush Attack takes a much more offensive stance on this strategy. It does not have the upside of clogging your rival’s card pool if it is unblocked, but it certainly has the upside of dealing a significant amount of damage if your rival chooses to let it hit them! This can certainly put people into a strenuous situation, especially if you use copies of Eat My Sticky Balls in your momentum to pay for Grape Rush Attack’s Powerful, making it even more threatening and allowing you to get further value from it being blocked! Sticky Ball Toss Tackle takes Mineta’s game plan to an extra level, granting damage for each time he has clogged his rival’s card pool this turn. Even if you only played a single copy of Eat My Sticky Balls prior to this attack, it is at minimum a 6 damage throw for only 4 difficulty, which is already very efficient!

    “Ewww, what ARE these things?” – Sea Villain B

    Mineta’s sticky balls may be a bit weird and unorthodox, but they prove their worth very quickly! His rare foundation, Sticky Balls, gives him the ability to clog up his rival’s card pool on their offense, slowing them down immensely. This puts a larger hamper on combo decks than others, so Eraser Head and Momo had better look out to not step in any sticky balls anytime soon!

    Creepy Realization and Classmate Introductions take further advantage of his primary strategy. If your rival is pushing too far on their turn, or if you have clogged their card pool quite deep, then Creepy Realization is far and above the strongest foundation in your Stage. Classmate Introductions, on the other hand, helps you out at the beginning of your turn. It stacks damage on to your first attack, making your rival have to block the attacks that you want them to block, and punishing them with compounding speed pump across your attacks if they choose to ignore you!

    Mineta has one of the most unique play styles in Series 1 of the My Hero Academia CCG, which will very much appeal to players who enjoy taking a slower game and making their rival play at their pace. If you are facing a Mineta player, make sure to not take his sticky balls for granted!

    You can pick up packs of Series 1 of the My Hero Academia CCG and try to pop off with your own deck for the Fresh-Picked Hero: Grape Juice!