Character Intro: Hanta Sero

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  • Hanta Sero SWINGS past the competition in the My Hero Academia CCG! 

    You can collect the Taping Hero’s cards in booster packs from Series 1.

    He’s got skills, but at the expense of some REALLY creepy looking elbows!– Present Mic

    Hanta Sero’s quirk, Tape, allows him to shoot powerful lengths of tape from his elbows which are strong enough to support his own weight, or immobilize most opponents! Sero uses his quirk to quickly move along the battlefield, and has earned a reputation as Class 1-A’s fastest student. In the My Hero Academia CCG, you can use this ability to attack your rival from any angle during the battle, and if your rival isn’t completely successful in stopping your attacks then they are going to find themselves in an even stickier situation!

    Sero’s Once Per Game ability is where his versatility shines, and proper usage of it will vary greatly in each game you play. Some games you may wish to use it on your rival’s turn to get rid of one of their attacks in their hand, but make sure to take note of their block zones for your own turn. Other times you will want to use it on your own turn to make sure that your rival isn’t trying to sculpt an offensive turn, or even just make sure that your rival’s options are limited if they have access to some defensive draw!

    “Elbow guy, tape ‘em!” – Katsuki Bakugo

    Sero may not be the most popular person in Class 1-A, but he is known to be a consistent and extremely useful support hero to those in need of his aid! Sero’s attacks are viable in their own right when used in other character decks, providing valuable Stun abilities and versatile abilities, but they certainly each have their way of shining through when used by Sero himself.

    Sudden Tape Shot is a card that anyone can take advantage of Any character can have this be a 6 speed high attack, or a 6 damage low attack, but in Sero you can make it both 6 speed and 6 damage with greater ease. Since the choice of its zone is entirely up to you, you can certainly throw a tape in your rival’s plan! Rapid Tape Strike functions similarly as a strong utility attack, and puts Sero’s rival in a very sticky situation. Sero can force his rival to decide where either they have to discard a card or he is going to draw 2 cards, and I would call that a win-win with only a small spin-spin of the tape dispenser!

    Tape Swing is the strongest attack in Sero’s arsenal, and his rival needs to be aware of it throughout the game so as to not get swung clear into the next game! The static ability on this does work twofold; it has face value of it not being able to be completely blocked, so if it is a high attack during the block step Sero’s rival will have to block with a mid block, but if Sero spies that his rival only has a single block zone in their hand, then he can change this attack to match that zone and make it completely unblockable! Tape Swing takes the momentum you have built up during the game to a very literal point by converting each momentum you wish to spend to +2 damage, and on top of the free +2 damage from using the enhance on Sero’s character, you can tell that this card very much earns its risky 2 check!

    “Just because my team passed didn’t mean I scored high enough not to fail…” – Hanta Sero

    Sero’s foundation base emphasizes that he may still have a lot of work to do on his offense and discipline skills, however he provides fantastic defensive options to any team he works with! His common foundations, Gotcha and Tape, will happily fit in most/any deck and they have a little extra shine in Sero himself. Since his two workhorse attacks Rapid Tape Strike and Sudden Tape Shot both require him to commit foundations to use their abilities, he can commit copies of Gotcha for an extra speed to help slip them past his rival’s defenses! Gotcha also works very efficiently against Stun decks, as it reduces the speed of any attack that stuns it down, and is reusable all throughout the game, unlike other anti-stun options!

    Think Fast! is a very essential card to Sero’s gameplan, to the point where you may find yourself playing multiple copies of it in your deck even though it is a Unique foundation. It basically adds on to Sero’s already useful enhance with free stat bonuses, which are never really useless! The top enhance basically provides Sero’s help to other characters, but it’s not going to go unused in a Sero deck itself. The ability can be activated to trigger Gotcha in a pinch if you find yourself needing a bit of extra speed, or it can be used on Tape Swing to push an extra 2 damage onto it if you have to push just a little bit further.

    Each Sero deck you encounter could be completely unique from the one you saw before it, as this tapehead can make great use of attacks from any of his classmates on his symbols!

    You can pick up packs of Series 1 of the My Hero Academia CCG and try to wrap up your own deck for the Taping Hero: Cellophane!