Character Intro: All Might

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  • All Might SMASHES his way into the My Hero Academia CCG!

    “It’s fine now. Why? Because I am here!” – All Might

    Toshinori Yagi is known to the world as the symbol of peace and justice, All Might, and he has retained the title of #1 Hero for many years with a smile on his face. The Quirk “One for All” allows All Might to achieve amazing feats of speed and strength, up to and including launching a being into the stratosphere with his bare hands! Unfortunately, due to an injury, All Might can only maintain his hero form for a short time each day, and so he needs to budget his time and energy accordingly.

    All Might’s character card allows you to permanently reduce the number of cards you draw each turn in order to draw 3 cards. This is a strong amount of card draw, but the price is very real and if you push All Might too far he will end up worse off than he started! The strength of his cards is ever present through his enhance ability that allows him to give his attacks a large damage boost based on the number of cards in his hand.

    “Hey villain, have you ever heard these words? Go beyond! PLUS…ULTRA!” – All Might

    All Might can use his iconic Detroit Smash to exert himself even further for more draw, and to add cards from his hand to his momentum. This allows you to fuel both the EX ability to grant it a large speed boost, and the Powerful granted by his All Might’s enhance. You can make his your Detroit Smash strong enough to plow through anyone’s defenses, short of Nomu.

    The rest of All Might’s assortment of Mighty Punches are sure to put sizable dents into your rival’s health. A furious Texas Smash can pack a wallop, and you could follow it with a swift copy of Smash to end your rival with style. All Might is prepared to Pull No Punches when it comes to any villain who dares stain the streets with their presence!

    “A hero can always break out of a tough spot.” – All Might

    While All Might has a solid use for momentum through his ability to grant Powerful to his attacks, he can also use his glorious Celebrity Status to add one of his momentum to the top of his deck. Once this is done, he can draw it back with his Form, and have even MORE Mighty Punches to launch at your rival! 

    All Mights defensive capabilities barely relent either! You can use You’re So Obvious to reduce any attack down to its printed damage or speed. If your rival is planning to take you out with a huge hit, they need to pay attention to how much of their attack you may disable with just this foundation!

    You can build your own All Might deck to focus on different aspects of him, depending on your preferences. You can try him on the All  symbol to fuel your Powerful ability with lots of draw, or perhaps you would like to play him on Earth  to have an incredibly tanky deck and be able to absorb all kinds of damage!

    You can look forward to playing as All Might in the My Hero Academia CCG, coming this fall!