Chaos Symbol Primer

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  • Welcome to the Jasco Games’ Design Team Symbol Primer! We are going to dive deep into the Chaos symbol today, so those who love momentum will want to keep their eyes peeled on the cards we feature here. If you’re interested in stockpiling momentum, or in boosting your checks to have a long attack string, then you’ve come to the right place!

    Momentum Generation

    Acquiring momentum is the most commonly seen theme for cards on the Chaos symbol. This momentum can be gained from a multitude of places, and it’s up to you to choose the most fitting ones for your deck.

    Uses the theme

    Sometimes it isn’t enough to just get a pile of momentum for a big use of EX or Powerful, so many Chaos cards also use Momentum as a resource for devastating effects!

    Plays with the theme

    If your opponent is getting momentum at a faster rate that you can handle, check out these ways to slow their momentum down to a halt! Take special note of the abilities that can be used during your rival’s turn, as this will put a hamper on any plans they may have had.

    Interacts with, or restricts rivals playing the theme

    Control Check Boosting

    The next most common theme for Chaos is one that appeals to aggressive players, and it gives you the ability to reliably play your attacks while keeping your defensive options available.

    Uses the theme

    Boosting your checks lets you play more cards per turn without committing Foundations!

    Plays with the theme

    While there are not many ways to directly cancel check boosting, you could look into the Evil symbol to reduce their checks the opposite way or Death to destroy their foundations that boost their checks.

    Interacts with, or restricts rivals playing the theme

    In addition to momentum generation and check boosting, Chaos has another theme that lives up greatly to its name. If you activated an ability and don’t know what will happen yet, you’re likely playing a Chaos card.

    Minor Theme: Uncertain Effects / Unreliable Effects

    Chaos can be quite chaotic, imagine that! Many “Chaos” effects have variance baked into them, that you’re never quite sure what you’re going to get… but the payout can be huge!

    Lastly, here are some characters who encapsulate the feeling of the Chaos symbol. You can consider building some of them if you want to get consistent uses out of momentum abilities, or combine multiple momentum-costed abilities to get extra use out of your attacks that other characters could not achieve!

    Characters who represent the symbol

    That about does it for the Chaos symbol! I hope that reading this has helped your deckbuilding become just a bit less chaotic. Next time we’re going to explore the depths of the foundation destroying Death symbol. Until then, keep your momentum flowing!