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  • Welcome to the fifth article highlighting the various characters in Set 4 of the My Hero Academia Collectible Card Game: League of Villains!

    This week, we’re covering the blade-toothed villain from the League’s Vanguard Action Squad, Moonfish (I)

    Moonfish focuses on going wide, using a large number of cards to defeat opponents with a flurry of small increments of damage. While “go wide” can often find themselves out of gas and petering out in the late game, Moonfish has surprising scaling and can snowball out of control at any point in the game. 

    As a 7 hand character with a frail 18 health, Moonfish trades survivability for the hand size to flood with Foundations. With Air, Earth, and Void cards to choose from, Moonfish has some killer options in his villainous arsenal! 

    His first Enhance is simple, giving his weaker attacks speed to make them trickier to block! They get even faster if your rival is high on cards in hand. Combined with his rapid chip damage playstyle, this Enhance can really punish characters similar to Moonfish who operate with low health and high hand size!

    Moonfish’s second Enhance allows him to discard an attack that dealt 3 or less damage from your card pool to make your rival discard 1 card. It’s an ability that feels counterintuitive to Moonfish’s first Enhance. After all, discarding opposing cards gets your rival further from the “3 or more cards in hand” threshold needed to trigger the +1 speed boost from his first Enhance

    However, this means that any Moonfish rivals will either be punished for having too many cards or will have so few that they can’t both block everything and keep their hand safe. This villainous strategy puts rivals in a “doomed if you do, doomed if you don’t” situation with their dwindling hand. 

    Of course, with a character that focuses on the printed damage of Attacks, Moonfish has some pretty powerful low-damage attacks of his own! Shrapnel Tooth and Glacier Breaker are both useful in their own right, but it’s Razor Deluge that strikes fear into Moonfish’s rivals! 

    Razor Deluge is one of the big standouts for Moonfish. It’s just low enough in printed damage to benefit from Moonfish’s speed boost, but the real benefit is its two Enhances. Like most of the Moonfish arsenal, Razor Deluge is a Weapon, allowing players to combo it with a perfect 3 damage Void attack for any Moonfish deck: Binding Cloth Precision

    The first Enhance can force out a card from your rival’s hand, potentially forcing out important blockers and increasing their progressive difficulty in the process.

    Razor Deluge can be a must-block in many situations despite its low damage and difficulty, thanks to its second Enhance with the ability to make your rival lose 1 health for each attack in both card pools!

    The bread and butter of any Moonfish deck is the killer Blade-Tooth! For a 1 difficulty Foundation, Blade-Tooth’s Response can completely take over the game with its rapid chip damage. 

    Blade-Tooth makes your rival lose 1 health every time a non-Throw attack deals 3 or less damage. With multiple copies Blade-Tooth in play, Moonfish can scale out of control and ping opponents for huge chunks of damage at a time! 

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